The Warm-up

First, why do we warm-up?

1. Prevent injury

2. Get loose

I’ve asked this question to several audiences and amongst a variety of answers, these were the most common.  Another valuable reason I would like to add to the list would be to, simply, invite change.   How is this possible?

Basically, a warm-up is just like a goal.  It must have a purposeful intent.  Movement is an initiation.  Like the old morse code, our body begins to tap out the signals of messages.  Messages that prepare and produce the necessary internal environment to ‘ready’ your body for information, or in the exercise world, your workout.

That being said, now we need a proper warm-up.  Aside from raising core temperature, increase heart rate, and get the blood flowing, Sanity Athletes also place an emphasis on specific movement rhythmic to the flow of our elements.  What the heck does that mean?  Why are you being so ambiguous?  You’re crazy.  All things I have heard before, and still, I say the same thing.

Our warm-ups consist of the present moment and how that moment was influenced (if applicable) by the previous moments.  And more so, how that will effect the next ones.  When one exercises or trains competitively, there are very specific parameters that must be met.  Moreover, when one trains for a lifestyle, adaptability is a constant presence.  Sanity Athletes are not just positions on a football team.  They don’t just work defense or offense.  They adapt to present moments, interpret them, and gain benefit.  Where Bruce Lee would say, “Be like water,”  Daniel would say, Why fight  your own success?

If this does not make sense at this time, that could be a good thing.  It’s not meant to merely be read, as much as it is written to experience.  What does the Sistine Chapel smell like?  How did it sound when the waves came in on the Rio de Janeiro beach?  How did it feel to finish successfully?  All experiences here for you to enjoy, so ready yourself for them!

A Sanity approach to training,

Daniel  J Sanidad