I just finished reading a post on one of my fellow colleagues blog sites where she provided an article about the reasons one may benefit from having a trainer.  Her 5 examples were:

1.  Accountability

2. Motivation

3.  Customized program

4. Injury prevention

5. Nutrition Counseling

The above five can fill a need for one wanting and/or needing a personal trainer.  After spending over 20 years in the fitness business, I would have to say that the most common need I have found for one wanting a personal trainer is because a trainer is to be the first to do IT.  Or in other words, walk the walk, followed by teaching another.  What would that look like?

1. Do it

2. Lead it (repeat it over and over again to make it your own)

3. Voice it (touch and vocal cues)

Once a trainer owns each of the above, the mass of clients will follow.  At least the ones that I have chosen to work with.  The clients that have grown with me, followed me wherever I go, and continue to support the direction I journey toward.   They all can say that they have played in the time of sanity.

A Sanity approach,

Daniel J Sanidad

Coach Sanity