I’ve had a number of people ask me what the Sanity logo means and I would like to share with you what it means to me.  It has a few different meanings behind it which I plan to address over time.   For now, I will explain what it has to do with our fitness.

In my opinion, fitness is determined by our abilities to adapt.  I’ve always felt that the better we can adapt to what is presented in front of us, then the more ‘athletic’ we truly are.  In life, it helps to have the necessary elements to keep us moving forward and learning as much as we can a long the way.  The Sanity logo is designed to express the opportunities of these elements as they flow within the infinite time of our journey’s.  I have defined them as balance, agility, strength, stamina, and technique and every single one of my sessions trains me to take full opportunity of them.   Part of the reason I use these specific elements is they all differ for each of us and they are tasks we are asked to learn beginning from our first day of play.

If you’ve ever watched a child playing, you can see all of these elements present.  As a child develops, he continues to establish the Sanity elements and makes them his own.  They are fit to him and they continue to advance over time.  Or at least that is what the goal should be.  Unfortunately, we have continued to move less and because of it, the simplicity of our childhood play has diminished.  That is present everywhere except during my sessions.  It is about a given number of minutes of continuous play and with the adaptability of a child.  There are a multitude of  distractions around us that robs us of this and it’s time to get back our sanity and move like we used to. You in?

Daniel J Sanidad

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