I just did two things:

One, I returned home from Hawaii this morning and two, I changed the name of a page on my web-site. It is now called the Sanity Fitness Factory. This page will be dedicated to the next chapter of where I am taking my fitness. While on vacation, it hit me again. What exactly am I training for? The answer was simple when I removed myself from what has become routine over the last several years. I am training to be continuously happy. May sound like a fairy tale, however, I make that happen. Considering what I have been through these last several years, this has not been an easy task. I have to thank the religion that saved me and that religion is, Fitness!

My passion has always been to pay forward everything I do and with this, I will produce the platform for amazing trainers entering my field. The Sanity Fitness System will have a slightly new direction, however, the end result will be the same, creating the best of the best in this sport we call fitness!

A Sanity approach to fitness,

Daniel J Sanidad