I have noticed something all year round, and even more so, during the Thanksgiving and Christmas  holidays.  There is an aroma of ‘have to’ floating around and the first time it is inhaled sets a pace that tires me to just think about it, more so, writing about it.  BUT, I feel a need to express it in hopes to lessen the load of the stress people carry with them throughout their given day.

‘Tis the season’ is something I started saying a few years ago when I would see the typical consumer fighting for the open parking space or the 50% off sale item.  I was truly engrossed in watching this human behavior that runs similarly with animal survival.  Tempers become short and patience is null and void.  The present task is to seek and conquer before it is gone.

Although I applaud the survival instincts and find myself displaying similar ones, the time and places are completely different and for some reason, I have zero desire to use any more energy than necessary on the madness of the holiday season.  Ironically, I have seen similar behavior throughout the year and again, confused on the choice of expenditure.

The point I am making is there is a time and a place where our survival instincts should be challenged and strengthened and very little to do with the Christmas dollars spent.  Survival should be part of a bigger picture.  One that includes your neighbor, your environment around you, and the health of your future self and loved ones.  The instant gratification has been present way to long and, in my opinion, we’ve lost sight of ‘why’ we are presently existing.

I preach on a daily basis about perfect moments and seizing the opportunity to be a part of them, moreover, each moment is the sum of a life’s work.  I, for one, have chosen that sum to be a very big number, and also be the makings of the generation with a trace.

A Sanity approach to living,

Daniel J Sanidad