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Get to vs Have to

Do you want to take your life from negative to positive?  Do you want to change the outlook on the events that will always continue to come into your life? If yes, than my answer: transform the word have into get.

You see, we really don’t have to do anything. We always have an opportunity to make a choice. However, if you discontinue to make your choices, life and those around you will begin to make them for you. A better influence of the outcome means a change in the way you live out the decisions.

I get to invest in myself vs I have to lose weight

I get to make my living vs I have to get myself up and go to work.

I get to learn something new vs I have to read this entire chapter.

The above are Just a few examples on how your internal interpretation of words can begin to give you a direction rather than high walls and closed roads. Change the equation by placing sanity in the middle because things just seem to flow a little bit better (my slightly biased opinion ;) )

A Sanity approach,

Daniel J Sanidad

On any given day we run the likelihood of having to qualify ourselves when asked to successfully demonstrate our skill(s).  For example, driving to and from work,  completing a day’s job assignment, conversing with someone for directions, etc.  Each are daily occurrences that ask us to prospectively maneuver within, with the goal to do so successfully.  And the better qualified you are, the greater the experience is on all levels.  How do you continue to qualify yourself?  You simply practice.

A skill can only continue to evolve if it is

a.  prioritized

b.  nurtured

c.  practiced

The habits of these three steps will continue to add value to your personal self.  And with that, add value to what you can bring to the market place.  In my training mentorship programs, I offer passionate people an opportunity to always qualify themselves for  when their time comes to seize what they sowed.

The smile on his face says it all.  He is learning to prioritize his practice.  And the nurturing time spent with me will further add for him to fiscally flourish from his personal and professional net worth.  Which will be significantly higher than the others.

A Sanity approach,

Daniel J Sanidad


Start ups

Growing up in the Silicon Valley of California means I have lived amongst an abundance of start up companies.  My environment is completely surrounded by the next “thing”.  And as many that have succeeded, simply means that A LOT more have failed.  Still, there are lessons to be learned from each of them.

Ironically , we each are a part of our own start ups.  At any given moment you can decide your next adventurous excursion.  Where do you want to go?  What do you want to do?  So long as the the answers remain a sun rise decision, you always have an opportunity to start.

The skill lies in 3 elements:

1.  Readiness – to wake with the mind and body prepped for the day’s tasks.

2.  Steadiness - to not stray from the day’s tasks

3.  Adaptedness - to possess the ability to reconstruct your tasks to fit the dynamics of  that day.


The mastering of these elements is to be amongst the Sanity Valley.  To unquestionably maximize every day you open your eyes to.

A Sanity approach,

Daniel J Sanidad


Winning the lotto?

So simple right?  It can make all of  your dreams come true.

Question, what are your dreams?

Don’t worry, I’ll wait…

…While we wait, I must say that I am lucky.  Why?  Because my dreams were made clear when all around me was not.  I have lived a multitude of bad experiences and still voice, I am lucky.

It is the darkest of days when clarity provides a light because it is the only direction to travel toward.   And just so you know, it will be far away.  That’s the point.  The journey from here to there is YOUR lifetime.  You’re so lucky!  You get to experience things that I don’t.  However, upon time of reflection, we can share our stories together.  So still, I am lucky.

A Sanity approach,

Daniel J Sanidad



The leaders of any industry have also had to follow in one’s footsteps.  There will always be someone just ahead of you to follow.  That is until you have reached the point of full creative ownership, and then there will be several more.  My point is, we all have the potential to be leaders.  And in order to lead, you must also know how to follow.  What do you follow?

A direction –  directions give us points to travel.  They lead us to what we presently desire.

A will – one’s will provides a purpose.  It is the voice within your heart.

A reason – a reason is the point of our existence.  They are written in your DNA and ready for you to play them out.


Each day begins with an intent.   It is the icon of START.  We build the rest of our day around the intention we woke up to that morning.  No guarantee for another.  No do over’s in this game.  Take what you have in front of you and make the best YOU you can possibly create.  If your lucky, you can have another shot tomorrow.  Master your present moments and follow the direction your were born to participate within.


A Sanity Approach

Daniel J Sanidad

As most of you already know, I write about maximizing experiences.  To grasp every opportunity present allowing yourself to experience each moment and make it your own.  Is this possible?  I think, yes.

We start by giving us a name, SanityFS athletes.  Our discipline is in the art of MME or Multiple Mixed Experiences.  The name implies that there will be several happenings constantly around you.  The task is to be mindful of them and make them possibilities for you.  But first, beginning with owning one thing each for mind and body.  Your mind must be open and your body must be adaptable.  In other words, remain fluid.

One’s fluidity is the ability to hold a suppleness.  No additional stress, no further tension.  This requires a very different intent to your  daily exercise.  A coach prescribes an exercise for very specific reasons.  The prescription must fit the demand of the goal and be able to adapt to when the goal is asked to change.  In science, we have cycles, in layman’s terms we have short and long term goals.  For me, it is a balance between both, with an emphasis on an ability to change the short term to fit the long term.  That is a SanityFS athlete.  An ability to recognize a distraction and react accordingly, so to allow for forward movement.  The language between the mind and body is always effective and efficient.  Time no longer gets wasted.  It is spent on a maximal return for each investment.

As a coach, I would suggest to recognize that there are, and will be, distractions around you.  Some are necessary and still many are not.  Which one is which is for you to decide.  What was the long term goal?  Are you still heading in that direction.  Recognize that the environment you are within must:

a. reflect you

and b. support the direction you are going

if either of these are missing, we lose efficiency and gain distractions.  Like seeks like, but first be cognizant of what you like, and obviously don’t like.  What are we here to enjoy?  The open road ahead or the madness of would of, could of and should of.

A Sanity Approach,

Daniel J Sanidad


It’s been said a body in motion will stay in motion.  And the most efficient way of for this to happen is to follow the path of least resistance.  However, when the goal is to create a change, then we have a different equation.   One of  going just beyond a tolerable threshold.  Moving in and around an area of uncomfortableness.  Creating a change in the chain of events by having the resilience to take on a challenge and see it through.

I would like to create a different statement.  The path of new resistance.  In the strength and conditioning room that could be as simple as a few kilo’s in the up direction or one to two seconds off your 500 Meter pace.  Just enough stimulus to spark something new, something different, and something to work through.

In real life application the new resistance will come in many different forms.  However, the one constant is you.  Your approach, your intent.  Both can be slightly altered to experience a different chain of events.  You want a new job?  You want to lose 5 lbs?  You want to meet someone special?   Let’s assume you desire a new outcome.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting something different.  You can not begin a new journey and have the same you be that first spark.

A successful plan is one that keeps you moving forward and allowing you the opportunity to see it through.  I suggest a change in the equation.  Envision what would be necessary to have that new job, to lose those 5 lbs, or to find that someone special.  Once you have recognized what is necessary, your positioning is key for success.  Place you in the middle and map your plan around you providing the ability to maneuver and maintain the flexibility to adapt to any distraction that may appear.

The path of new resistance now becomes the path of possibility.  You can open doors you never new existed.  Your what if’s become when’s and you will always find a new you in the end.  Set your sights and just push send.

A Sanity approach,

Daniel J Sanidad

6 Month Reflection

I have to admit I am a bit behind.  I’m actually reflecting on the last 9 months, however, will now make it a goal to do so every six months.

Over the last six months many doors have closed and others have opened.  Yes, a bit cliche and yet still holds true.  After selling off the shares of my previous company (door closed) I restarted over again and moved to a fitness start up company with one hell of a philosophy (door opened).  We are now 9 months in and after being in the fitness business for almost 20 years, I know when I see something good.  And can now simply do the work to make it great.  How am I doing it?  Easy.  I did one thing.  I simplified, and allowed myself to be great.

Things have the potential to be good.  It takes you to make them great.  We can all spend time preparing, studying, over thinking, etc and with that, stall our greatness.  WAIT!  I am not saying one shouldn’t prepare themselves for a given opportunity.  I’m saying that greatness comes when others can also experience it with you.  Google, Disneyland, dinner at your favorite sushi bar, cocktails w/friends.  These are all examples of a good idea becoming great because there are others present to share in the experience.

So, to reflect on the last 9 months in very simple language:

1.  Know my goal

2.  Vocalize my goal

3.  Recognize the distractions and remove them quickly

4.  Always ask for feedback if none has been given

5.  Remain flexible to accommodate any necessary change

To our Sanity,

Daniel J Sanidad

I guess before I speak on the benefits of training and working out, I should start with the differences between the two. In my opinion, training is the time alloted to make a significant change in not just muscle size and shape, moreover, changes within the motor pattern, while working out being more dedicated to the former. Or in other words, being in ‘gym’ shape vs ‘life’ shape. I can spend this entire post getting more in depth with each of these concepts, and in a future post I will devote more information on how to better define them for you. However, at this time I’d like to express the benefits in keeping both of them a part of your fitness routine.

It continues to be seen that several thousands of dollars are being spent on fitness modalities ranging from gym memberships to last nights’ infomercials and there is probably no end of either of these in sight. I am not here to avert you in purchasing either of these because far be it from me to tell anyone they can’t spend their money on what they want or feel they need. What I would like to do is give you a better idea on what you are purchasing and to maximize the dollar you will be spending.

I used to tell my clients that a gym membership will not get them in shape rather using the membership will. What’s more, when you get there, what is it you want to do? First, why did you invest in the membership in the first place? From my gym employee experiences, most customers were searching for the answers to weight loss and increased muscle mass with cardio and aerobic classes not too far behind. Still, what is it that they wanted to accomplish with these? These will all differ from one to the next depending on several factors so for the sake of simplicity, we’ll focus with the beginner fitness enthusiast. If you’re just starting to exercise, then all will be productive ways of spending your time at the gym. As you begin to progress and are looking for further transformation, slight changes in your approaches to them can help you to see that through. For example, you can simply modify the FITT (frequency, intensity, time, and type) principle and if you feel your body has adjusted to the 60 minute aerobic class, then you can increase the intensity and cut your time down to half and do a ‘tough’ 30 minutes. Or if you have only been using machines as your resistance tools, then adding in dumbells, kettlebells, and medicine balls can provide another level of intensity that your body must now adapt to. If you’re a beginner, then a weighted medicine ball in your hand can feel very different. There will be a learning curve you will go through to better handle the new tool and a training opportunity will have presented itself. You have trained yourself to use the new tool and have also added more variety into your workout.

To summarize, working out and training go hand in hand and they should be looked at as favorable moments of creating a better you. In part 2 of this post I will express more examples of the FITT principle to the specific tools one may choose to use. Until then, go play and have some fun.

Daniel J Sanidad

Have you ever seen a person’s arms and asked yourself, “Wow, how do I get my arms to look that muscular?”  Or you’ve looked at your own arms and asked, “Why do I still have this flab back here?”  I’ve had clients ask me these questions and several others so many times I have lost count.  And me being a trainer who is always counting should give you an idea on the large number of times that may be.

Today’s training has found it’s way back to the old days where it was not about muscle training as it was more about movement training.  I had a conversation with a friend yesterday and she was looking at her arms and asking how come she can’t get her arms to look any better.  I think she was expecting me to say something like, “How often do you work your biceps?” or “How many set’s and reps do you do when you do train them?”, when in fact my first two question were, “Can you do a pull-up and Can you do a full push-up?”  Her reply, no.

If you want to see change then you must prioritize your weak links.  I suggested to her that her routine should consist of the movements necessary to get her expressing successful sets of pull-ups and push-ups.  In other words, focus on the movement and not the muscles.  Even if she can only get 5 pull-ups and 10 push-ups after a period of training, the journey of time and exercises to get her there is more load to her arms and everywhere else on her body that will be the volume of work to both fixing a weak link and providing a stimulus for muscular change.

The point is, our bodies were built to move and your chosen exercise and fitness program should fit the movement patterns you want to improve.  It’s no longer about just pure isolation as it is about Whole Body Fitness.

Daniel J Sanidad

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