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Each and every one of my posts are written with the intention to simplify what was once uncomplicated and pure.  In the beginning, the passage of fitness training was gluttony free of silly toys and jumbo sized pieces of equipment.  It was once a simple place, and only your challenging experience awaited to be measured.

Now we are flooded with intentional distractions.  Appliances labeled as fitness tools soak up inches of primary real estate in gyms across the globe in hopes that they can sell you an opportunity to find a new you and a new look.  Which ones work?  Which ones work better?  Which one fits me?  Do I need all of them?  Just a sample of a number of questions that float around the four corners of your gym.   And a long with them, a number of mediocre fitness trainers simply selling a cookie cutter they call fitness.

I am here to tell you that there a lifetime of results existing amongst the most nutritionally fitness dense tools available on the market.   In this case, the biggest rewards do come in the smallest packages.  Below is a list of tools I feel are the most efficient way to spend your time in harnessing your fitness potential.

1.  Body weight

2.  Medicine Ball

3.  Dumbbell

4.  Barbell

5.  Kettlebell


6.  Bands

7.  Ropes

8.  Rowing Ergometer

9.  Variable resistance machines

Each allow freedom of movement and room to explore.  Taking your time to master  the skill of maneuvering these simple tools is your license to walk the path of extraordinary.   How does one master something so free?  You learn to flow, and follow the signs.

Coach Sanity

A 5 year plan

I still recall the creative moments I shared with one of my very dear friends, clients, and mentors just a few years ago. I shared with him the passion I had of creating change with fitness.  We sat across from one another and looking back, I can only imagine what was going through his head when he heard the laundry list of visions I had running through my brain.

In the end, he shared with me two statements,

“Daniel, this is at least a five to 10 year plan.” and

“If anybody can do it, it is you.”

Here we are five years later and the truth remains the same.  It has taken me five years, and I am looking forward to continue to develop how we all manipulate fitness to find our true mental health.  Because the body follows the mind, the mind must be set to Sanity.

If you want something, go get it.  If you can’t find it, create it.  If you lose your way, find you first.  A 5 year plan takes 5 years to finish.  Whether the goals were completed before then, time will not go any faster than the rhythm all of us follow.

See it through!

A Sanity approach,

Daniel J Sanidad

The RED Zone

My RED ZONE consists of ONE exercise done 100 times. Measured by:

1. Time

2. With as few breaks in the set as possible.

Some of my favorites:



Diamond push-ups

Just add you.

Daniel J Sanidad

Let me start by saying that I am not a runner. On most days you will find me swinging Kettle Bells, slamming Medicine Balls, and playing with other high output/Metabolic modalities. I like to get my workout done in about twenty minutes and don’t particularly enjoy two hour runs. However, I do enjoy an opportunity to challenge myself with other fitness means and 13.1 miles can fill that spot very easily.

I finished this race pretty close to the same time I did last time. Only difference was I ran A LOT less before the race this year then last. And when I say a lot, I mean like not even half what I ran last time. I did, however, make very valuable changes in my regular training that allowed me to have more free time and remain very fit and healthy.

Will I do another race again soon? The only thing on my mind right now is getting back to my regular workouts and develop my new class. Keep your eyes open for that update.

A Sanity approach to fitness,

Daniel J Sanidad

I googled ‘behind P90X‘ and got the breakdown of their program. Week 1-3 is as follows:

The classic P90x workout plan looks like this:
Weeks 1, 2, and 3
Day 1 – Chest and Back, plus Ab Ripper X
Day 2 – Plyometrics
Day 3 – Shoulders and Arms, Ab Ripper X
Day 4 – Yoga X
Day 5 – Legs and Back, Ab Ripper X
Day 6 – Kenpo X
Day 7 – Rest or X Stretch

And here would a Sanity FS approach to this schedule:

Day 1 – 50 push-ups, 100 push-ups (yes a 100 more), 50 push-ups mixed with knee tucks
Day 2 – Skip rope for 20 minutes
Day 3 – 50 DB Squat Thrusters (75 if your nasty)
Day 4 – Yoga with the opposite sex because it is WAY more FUN!
Day 5 – 50 Burpees, 50 Pull-ups
Day 6 – Watch some Bruce Lee flicks and try to use the nunchucks like him
Day 7 – Chill out, watch football, or go to the movies with whomever you did Yoga with

Now that is a damn good way to spend the week!
Stay tuned for weeks 2 and 3.

A Sanity approach to fitness,

Daniel J Sanidad

Only wanted to focus on one movement: burpees

Warm-up: 75 reps of 85# db swings

Workout: 100 burpees (10 sets of 10)

Cooldown: Took a walk/light jog outside to get some sun and keep my ‘Jersey Shore’ tan going on!

Sometimes we focus so much on getting a large number of exercises in we forget that quality does not make up for quantity. There is a certain intensity that comes from doing one movement extremely well and nothing else. Give it a shot.

A Sanity approach to fitness,

Daniel J Sanidad

I am into my second month at my new home/training facility (The 3rd Door) and we are steadily getting a nice following and clients are enjoying the elements we are providing. We have begun a Fitness Rowing class where we spend 45 minutes between the Concept II Rower and other full body movements. We are creating a metabolic environment and also helping to create some fit and healthy people! As the class develops, I will post some examples of progress they clients are making. Right now the goal is to get them to bring their A game and put it to the test for 45 minutes of work!

Happy training,
Daniel J Sanidad

What Does that Logo Mean Anyway?

I’ve had a number of people ask me what the Sanity logo means and I would like to share with you what it means to me.  It has a few different meanings behind it which I plan to address over time.   For now, I will explain what it has to do with our fitness.

In my opinion, fitness is determined by our abilities to adapt.  I’ve always felt that the better we can adapt to what is presented in front of us, then the more ‘athletic’ we truly are.  In life, it helps to have the necessary elements to keep us moving forward and learning as much as we can a long the way.  The Sanity logo is designed to express the opportunities of these elements as they flow within the infinite time of our journey’s.  I have defined them as balance, agility, strength, stamina, and technique and every single one of my sessions trains me to take full opportunity of them.   Part of the reason I use these specific elements is they all differ for each of us and they are tasks we are asked to learn beginning from our first day of play.

If you’ve ever watched a child playing, you can see all of these elements present.  As a child develops, he continues to establish the Sanity elements and makes them his own.  They are fit to him and they continue to advance over time.  Or at least that is what the goal should be.  Unfortunately, we have continued to move less and because of it, the simplicity of our childhood play has diminished.  That is present everywhere except during my sessions.  It is about a given number of minutes of continuous play and with the adaptability of a child.  There are a multitude of  distractions around us that robs us of this and it’s time to get back our sanity and move like we used to. You in?

Daniel J Sanidad

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