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Play Time!

Most of the top 10 health related issues of our human population continue to be from the absence of healthy movement and poor nutritional intake.   Our population continues to grow as does the lack of activity specific to the play time with our children.

Our children learn to empower and embrace their lives through the habits we, the adults, show and lead by example.  If we play, our children will play.  If we eat well, our children will follow.   And on the flip side, if we can not conquer our stress, our children will follow.   Our reaction to our stresses is the bulls eye that centers around everything else in our lives.   It can literally take over and run us into the ground and with that, lessen our opportunity to further nurture ourselves and our family.

Q.  How do you begin to conquer your stress?

A.  Add play into your daily equation.

Step 1.  Decide and voice to yourself, “I will not be an unhealthy role model for my children.”

Step 2.  Be like Nike, Just Do It.

Step 3.  Bring some kind of camera with you and log the memories you will be creating with the futures of each and everyone of us.

A Sanity approach,

Daniel J Sanidad

Coach Sanity



What’s your sport?

Me?  I’m just a trainer.

A response I recently heard myself give, and after, angry because of it.   After several years spent perfecting a skill, I still have moments when I belittle the sport I love.  Later, I had myself sit down and rewrite exactly what it is I play out everyday, because if I don’t do my job, my fans can not do theirs.  This was what I came up with,

I have mastered the ability to assist my followers in becoming more:

a. productive and efficient, using a mix of movement patterns and lifestyle adaptations 

b. resilient, using traditional training practices and innovative applications to fit the needs of today’s sports

c. methodical and focused, for  that ‘in the game’ strategy

and d. reflective, to further aid with future strategy and recovery.  AKA, THRIVE.

What all these simply mean is that I always stay ahead of the game, so to better lead the direction for those searching to improve theirs.  My career decision may have been an easy one, still, the work to get there has been exactly opposite.  I practice to consistently hold a focus toward productivity, to not over or under think, and to react accordingly, so to not lose sight of the steps used to move forward.  I may have started in this sport as a fat kid playing with fitness, and now, I am a professional trainer directing the plays that manufacture an opportunity to living inside of extraordinary.
Sanity, grab yours.
A Sanity approach,
Daniel J Sanidad/Coach Sanity

State your purpose.  And before you ask, a purpose is the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.  Why did you wake up?  Why are you here?  Where are you going?  What do you want to do?  You see, one can not manage their time well until they know what it is they exist for.  So for the sake of argument, let’s simply say you are here to present  you.

Previously I wrote a post on purposeful practice.  I stated that purposeful practice is perfect practice.  But, how do we manage purposeful practice?  First, we need to give it a language.  And, in order to appeal to all parties, the language should be flexible for all wanting to participate.  I use a palette of colors, aka Sanity FS colors.

Now, I did not grow up with the hands of Van Gogh.   And let me say that I do not consider myself a traditional artist.  But, I do consider myself the creator of my purpose and that is what I call a Sanity artist.  You now have the opportunity to design  your today.  Next we need a direction and what better direction then time moving forward?

We each have something special.  Something that defines us and keeps us sane.  So, I ask again, what do you want?  Where are you going?  Give your icons a meaning and watch them develop into nothing but opportunities to live a purposeful you.  Your day can be limitless.  And with that, there is nothing keeping you from succeeding than the lack of your own creative spirit.  Live it!




“Download” your  own Sanity Icons and fill in the blanks.

A Sanity approach to living,

Daniel J Sanidad


A Sanity approach to living,

Daniel J Sanidad

There can be numerous ways to approach a practice.  The one I would like to focus on in this narrative story is about a purposeful practice.  As a trainer, I have heard other coaches, including myself, speak of a perfect practice concept.  The saying goes, “Perfect practice makes perfect.”, rather than “Practice makes perfect.”  I must have used both of these terms countless times repeatedly and, I’m sure at that time, did gain the success I was searching for.  Now what?

Today, my goal is simple, to work smarter and not harder & to create win win opportunities.  As easy as the words can be said or typed, the action can also be just as simple.  So long as my practice remains to be purposeful.  You can spend 10,000 hours perfecting a skill, however, who is present in either creating or participating the other side of that winning coin?  You can coach someone to maneuver a task to its most perfect display, yet where does the intent lie in its usage?  Will it provide a win win opportunity?

Square shapes fit into square holes, circular shapes fit into circular holes, and triangular shapes fit into triangular holes.  What can change are the colors, the people you share the experience with and the experience you take with you.  Be mindful of its purpose and your practice will always be perfect.

A Sanity approach to practice,

Daniel J Sanidad

It’s a life, live it.

“Just enjoy as many moments as you can before it ends.”

It’s 9:45 a.m. and my phone has just sent me that reminder.  Well, I set this reminder to go off everyday (a recurring appointment) using my Blackberry calendar.  Why 9:45?  Well, my day usually starts about 4:30 or 5 a.m.  By the time I get to 9:45, I’d like to get a reminder that this is a life, I need to live it.  AND, I need to enjoy as many moments as I can before it ends.

Why do I workout?

Honestly, I want to look good.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with enjoying how we look, because when we  look good, we feel good.  We are visual creatures.  When we see ‘something’ appealing, signals go off and our emotions begin to flow.

Also, I want to perform.  What I mean by that is I want to be able to get THE MOST out of each moment.  Luxury cars are designed to give us a look as well as perform on the road.  All in all it is about enjoying the experience, the time spent, and the emotional feeling of what was in our hands.

Your body, no different.  It can be redesigned, trained to move quickly, accelerate, decelerate, and look damn good doing it.  Clothes don’t make the man, the  man makes the clothes.  Armani, Levi Jeans, and Calvin Klein are nothing until a body fills the space between the fabric.  If it fits, and fits well, you know it.

In this life we get one go at it.  We get a journal to fill with experiences, and opportunities only continue to those that take them.  It’s a life, live it.

A Sanity approach to living,

Daniel J Sanidad

Tis the season Part 2

“Here comes Sani-Claus, here comes Sani-Claus, right down Sani-Clause lane.”

Here we are moving closer to the end of our year & work, holiday parties, family obligations, Christmas sales, and New Year’s resolutions are fast approaching or have passed.  Did you miss them?  Did you enjoy them?  Are you present?  Or are you focused on buying the next present?

In 7 days of  time, I participated in hours of works, a handful of holiday parties, one large family obligation, and remained present in every one of them.  I laughed, I played, I worked, I led, I stayed with it, rolled with it, breathed with it, and always found a smile at the end of it.

Fit is one simple 3 letter word.  If we asked a hundred people we may hear many variations of how they use it in their lives.  Fit for me is a present moment, and how I am able to adapt to it.  I remove rigidity and allow for fluidity.  If you don’t stop to enjoy some of the wonderful opportunities, all you will have is a new year without meaning and year filled with could have’s and should have’s.

Get your Sanity and grab your moments.  Or, be ready to let me take them, cause I don’t waste any chance to live.

A Sanity approach to living,

Daniel J Sanidad

I’ve been in the fitness business for over 20 years and I have seen a number of changes within those two decades.  The most drastic change has been an influx of ‘advanced exercise’ mixed in with ‘specialized training’ amongst the large number of personal trainers, coaches, therapists, and instructors.  Is this good or bad?  Well one can not come without the other.

Let me remind my SanityFS readers that my ultimate goal is to always keep fitness a part of your lives.  Through my experiences, if it is not fun, inviting, and more specifically simple to make part of your life, then the likelihood of it being a long term event begins to diminish.

For the average Jane or Joe, advanced exercise science has little value for their programs.  I have learned through my twenty thousand hours of personal training and coaching that I instinctually had a majority of the answers way before I even started.  As a kid I had an instinct to play, an instinct to eat, an instinct to rest, and an instinct to enjoy every bit of it.

As adults enter the workforce, their instinctual habits of moving, resting, and normal eating fall to the waste side and in the end, we get A LOT of stressed out and over worked individuals.  My predictions:

1.  It will get worse before it gets better.  In order to move the other way, one must finish their current journey.

2. The approach to fix it will not get noticed at first because it just happens to be a little to ‘easy’ to recognize.

3. When the answer is found, it will first be resisted, because again, a little to ‘easy’.

4. Those that ‘get it’ will begin to embrace their instincts of bringing a sense of sanity back into their lives.

5.  A new look and lifestyle will be available at the touch of a button, moreover, the  sweat to get you there will be shared by all you surround yourself around.

By 2012, we will have a new thought process and new approach to fitness.  It will feel like it used to and it will not only be a part of your life, it will be the foundation of how you get the most out of your life.  Don’t just wait for it, be ready to be in it.

A Sanity approach to a lifestlye,

Daniel J Sanidad

Leave Your Mark

Sanity Fitness System is more than a web-page filled with tips, great pics, and inspirational movements. Sanity Fitness System is about opportunity. An opportunity to leave your mark. You see, we all have talents. The question is, are you leaving your mark behind you?

Everything I do is left with the mark of fun, creative, & satisfying and delicious (Willy Wonka in my head at the moment ;) ) The point is, unless you know exactly who you are, you can not put you into your product(ion). I expect all of my Sanity Athletes to bring everything they have and in doing so, we are creating the experience most only watch from their sofa.

Get up, get out, and lose or find yourself amongst the Sanity crew!

A Sanity approach to living,

Daniel J Sanidad

Good or Bad Choice?

In my opinion, I think one thing people don’t really appreciate about fitness is that a mistake is not a failure and is actually an opportunity to learn from, and therefore, potentially a successful occurence. My only real mistake was making it over and over again just a few to many times. That being said, I’d like to share some of those mistakes (and share some damn good choices too) here with you.

When I started in this exercise game, I was an overweight teenager with low self-esteem, and be-friended a best friend that was exactly opposite of both. My best friend was the high school hunk with the rock hard abs that all the girls loved when he walked by, yeah, you know who you are, and I was pretty much exactly opposite. Which was probably why I made the choice to be guilty by association. (Good Choice!)

He and I started meeting for workouts twice a day pretty much six days a week (Bad and Good Choice). This got me into the habit of being active (good), but definitely put me on the road toward serious fatigue and no results (bad). I eventually shortened my workouts down to fit the goal of muscle hypertrophy and learned from my mistake. (Successful Opportunity!)

I spent my 20′s doing a lot of bodybuilding routines and dabbled into some powerlifting as well. Problem was, I truly didn’t define my goals (Bad Choice) and spent my hours training competitively and not doing very many competitions. My hectic life didn’t really fit the life of a highly competitive bodybuilder, however, I continued to train that way out of sheer habit (Maybe Bad or Maybe Good).

I did learn a lot about my self through grueling hours of training and that has definitely earned me some bragging rights (I’ll say that is Good!), however, it kept me from other very accessible healthy outlets and especially living here in beautiful California, I didn’t take full advantage of a lot of outside activities (Bad Choice).

So, what did I learn from all of this? Now being in my 30′s and truly wanting to enjoy all of what life has to offer, I have learned from my past experiences to know that opportunities are present and only embraced if you can have the vigor in your lungs, the time on your watch, and the adaptability to bend to life’s demands to fit these opportunities in. That is what I have built my Sanity Fitness System on and what I hope to continue to share with you for years to come.

A Sanity Approach to living,
Daniel J Sanidad

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