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Guilt or Snack?

What came first, your guilt or the snack?

I find it interesting how the snack industry markets their products.  We are sent a very mixed message when told that we are now allowed to indulge in a guilty snack.  Mostly because either the fat has been lessened, the portion has been controlled, and/or something has been added to make it taste better, even when the ingredients don’t list like it should.   However, what I find interesting is not the fact that they have suddenly allowed us to indulge in a guilty pleasure.  What I do find interesting is that we are told we should feel guilty about the foods we put into our mouths.

Guilt.  Such a strong word.  A word that should not be associated with food.  Guilt may have its place when used with over consumption of food, and is exactly why it should not be associated with marketing food.  That marketing message can easily be misinterpreted and may ultimately allow a person to over consume simply because of how the marketing language gets received.

(Those reasons can become quite complicated to explain here.  I won’t cover those why’s in this post, however, I will follow up on them in another SanitiyFS post.)

A healthy eating approach has nothing to do with guilt.  Once we remove guilt from the equation, we have nothing to think about except all that surrounds a healthy eating habit.  Take note, I said “think about”.  My  suggestion to you is to not let the snack company remove you from your thinking process of your eating experience.  Mindless eating is what leads to over consumption.  And once that becomes one’s eating habit, it is also an incredibly hard one to break.

Learn to sit down and ‘unsnack’.  Or in other words, chew and eat your meal.  If you are hungry, then learn to go through the actions of setting up an entire meal.  If you are that hungry, then the effort will not be a chore.  The eating experience is something we all must learn to move back toward.  A connection to how we feel when we are full and hungry allows us to have better control of our personal levels of consumption.  You train yourself to eat when you are hungry.  And, more importantly, stop when you are full.

It is also important to recognize that one’s eating experience is a large part of who we are as humans.  It can be a healthy social interaction.  It helps us to connect to our heritage.  And it reminds us of the important balance of and between each meal, and everything we consume.

Follow the signs,

Coach Sanity

Health Care, Redefining the Words

Health Care – I think it’s time that we redefine what these two words mean.  These two words used together have been misused and misrepresented for some time now and the irony is that it should be defined for you, by you.

 You can start by asking yourself a few questions.  For example: What is necessary for you to own your health?  Are you happy with where your current level of health is?  How would you know when you got there?  These are just a few, maybe not so, simple questions and the goal is to answer them for yourself.

 For me, the answers are as follows:  First, to name a few, I need my ‘training time’ each day, my H20, daily nutrients, and thousands of smiles from the people I am fortunate enough to have in my life.  Second, I am content with where my level of health is, however, I am more content to always look on improving it.  Lastly, honestly I may never get there, yet I have found comfort in the journey to find it and the fact I continue to strive toward it shows I have just the right amount that I need for today.

In closing, I think the most important thing to take from all of this is you’ll have more success if you fill your environment with the tools and the makings to either find or keep your personal level of health.  When you take the time to do that, the ‘other’ things that are keeping you from it tend to just slip away.  Or in other words, get your health and keep your sanity.

A Sanity approach to fitness,
Daniel J Sanidad

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