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What’s your caloric choice?

Does this look familiar?
Where do you start?
Better yet, when do you finish?

This is a reason why it is pretty difficult for most of us to truly starve or go hungry. Food is in every corner of our local grocery stores and each aisle is filled with a number of choices. To keep things simple, there should only be two:

1. Indulgence
2. Moderation

There was a point in time when I was emotionally attached to food and used to think I deserved eating ice cream every night. I mean, it’s right there for me to buy so why shouldn’t I have it? Grocery stores have made things simpler for us because we can purchase food for the week and have it easily accessible to us in our homes. Now let’s imagine for a moment you lived in a grocery store. How long do you think it would take you to eat all of that food? Honestly, I don’t think you can do it alone and yet we continue to try in large amounts each time we go shopping.

Now if this is not the kind of person you are and whatever you are doing is working for you, then by all means, continue to do it. However, if this is you, then a simple way to start would be to use the hand basket for your next grocery store stop and only buy what you can fill it with. Regardless of what it is, it is still less and less equals less in your home to consume. An extra stop at the store midweek may sound like an inconvenience, however, it can also be another opportunity to get some extra steps in your day and keep your activity on the positive side of caloric expenditure.

A Sanity approach to shopping,

Daniel J Sanidad

Two New Things

I just did two things:

One, I returned home from Hawaii this morning and two, I changed the name of a page on my web-site. It is now called the Sanity Fitness Factory. This page will be dedicated to the next chapter of where I am taking my fitness. While on vacation, it hit me again. What exactly am I training for? The answer was simple when I removed myself from what has become routine over the last several years. I am training to be continuously happy. May sound like a fairy tale, however, I make that happen. Considering what I have been through these last several years, this has not been an easy task. I have to thank the religion that saved me and that religion is, Fitness!

My passion has always been to pay forward everything I do and with this, I will produce the platform for amazing trainers entering my field. The Sanity Fitness System will have a slightly new direction, however, the end result will be the same, creating the best of the best in this sport we call fitness!

A Sanity approach to fitness,

Daniel J Sanidad

I guess before I speak on the benefits of training and working out, I should start with the differences between the two. In my opinion, training is the time alloted to make a significant change in not just muscle size and shape, moreover, changes within the motor pattern, while working out being more dedicated to the former. Or in other words, being in ‘gym’ shape vs ‘life’ shape. I can spend this entire post getting more in depth with each of these concepts, and in a future post I will devote more information on how to better define them for you. However, at this time I’d like to express the benefits in keeping both of them a part of your fitness routine.

It continues to be seen that several thousands of dollars are being spent on fitness modalities ranging from gym memberships to last nights’ infomercials and there is probably no end of either of these in sight. I am not here to avert you in purchasing either of these because far be it from me to tell anyone they can’t spend their money on what they want or feel they need. What I would like to do is give you a better idea on what you are purchasing and to maximize the dollar you will be spending.

I used to tell my clients that a gym membership will not get them in shape rather using the membership will. What’s more, when you get there, what is it you want to do? First, why did you invest in the membership in the first place? From my gym employee experiences, most customers were searching for the answers to weight loss and increased muscle mass with cardio and aerobic classes not too far behind. Still, what is it that they wanted to accomplish with these? These will all differ from one to the next depending on several factors so for the sake of simplicity, we’ll focus with the beginner fitness enthusiast. If you’re just starting to exercise, then all will be productive ways of spending your time at the gym. As you begin to progress and are looking for further transformation, slight changes in your approaches to them can help you to see that through. For example, you can simply modify the FITT (frequency, intensity, time, and type) principle and if you feel your body has adjusted to the 60 minute aerobic class, then you can increase the intensity and cut your time down to half and do a ‘tough’ 30 minutes. Or if you have only been using machines as your resistance tools, then adding in dumbells, kettlebells, and medicine balls can provide another level of intensity that your body must now adapt to. If you’re a beginner, then a weighted medicine ball in your hand can feel very different. There will be a learning curve you will go through to better handle the new tool and a training opportunity will have presented itself. You have trained yourself to use the new tool and have also added more variety into your workout.

To summarize, working out and training go hand in hand and they should be looked at as favorable moments of creating a better you. In part 2 of this post I will express more examples of the FITT principle to the specific tools one may choose to use. Until then, go play and have some fun.

Daniel J Sanidad

Have you ever seen a person’s arms and asked yourself, “Wow, how do I get my arms to look that muscular?”  Or you’ve looked at your own arms and asked, “Why do I still have this flab back here?”  I’ve had clients ask me these questions and several others so many times I have lost count.  And me being a trainer who is always counting should give you an idea on the large number of times that may be.

Today’s training has found it’s way back to the old days where it was not about muscle training as it was more about movement training.  I had a conversation with a friend yesterday and she was looking at her arms and asking how come she can’t get her arms to look any better.  I think she was expecting me to say something like, “How often do you work your biceps?” or “How many set’s and reps do you do when you do train them?”, when in fact my first two question were, “Can you do a pull-up and Can you do a full push-up?”  Her reply, no.

If you want to see change then you must prioritize your weak links.  I suggested to her that her routine should consist of the movements necessary to get her expressing successful sets of pull-ups and push-ups.  In other words, focus on the movement and not the muscles.  Even if she can only get 5 pull-ups and 10 push-ups after a period of training, the journey of time and exercises to get her there is more load to her arms and everywhere else on her body that will be the volume of work to both fixing a weak link and providing a stimulus for muscular change.

The point is, our bodies were built to move and your chosen exercise and fitness program should fit the movement patterns you want to improve.  It’s no longer about just pure isolation as it is about Whole Body Fitness.

Daniel J Sanidad

I am a bit of a people watcher and I tend to catch what seems to me are obvious tendencies and personal habits of  the people around me.  For example, are they right or left handed?  The  position they sit in their chairs.  Do they sit still or continually fidget?  Just a few of the many common routines of human beings.  

The reason behind this post and the clever title is the fact that I have noticed that people tend to eat way to fast. Either that, or they barely chew their food before they swallow it down.  It reminds me of an episode of Two and a Half Men (one of my favorite shows) when Angus’s character Jake drank to much and spent some time in the bathroom.  He looks at his work of art and says, “Yeah, next time I need to chew my food properly. Look at that shrimp. You could polish it off and serve it again.”   FUNNY, and makes me laugh every time and exactly what I think of when I watch people eating.

Aside from the obvious digestion problems one can occur by not properly chewing their food, most people tend to over eat when they eat to quickly.  It does take time for your body to recognize you are eating and send the necessary signals to prepare for digestion.  Especially since digestion starts when you first begin to chew and the production of amylase (an enzyme that begins to breakdown sugars) is produced.  Chewing slowly allows for this process to begin and can aid in a much better digestion path all the way through.

Some tricks I have used to slow myself down is to time myself when I eat and see if I can take it a little longer the next time.  I also always eat off of the smaller plates in my cabinet when I am home and I serve myself a small portion.  That really slows me down and if I’m still hungry, I get another small portion.  You should look at each bite as its own meal and finish that meal before you start the next.  Give it a shot and see if you not only feel better, moreover, end up eating less at each sitting and ultimately eating less over the course of your day.

Oh, one more quote from Two and a Half Men, Alan: Jake what are you doing?  Jake: I’m masticating.  Don’t worry, it’s not what you think.   Alan:What do you think I think it is?  Jake: You know (smiling)

Daniel J Sanidad

2 Very Important Items

If your training for change, then here are two items you should already have in your possession when beginning.

First: A dry erase board.  A very important tool .  It provides a clean slate to your given task.  With it, all things can be made possible.  Without it, you begin with zero direction.

Second: A goal.  Just what the heck do you want to succeed in today?

My point is simple.  Without direction we have nothing and  the directions are as easy as the blank space right in front of your face.  Fill that space with what you want and watch your change begin to take place right before your eyes.  Like I always say, “The only limit in front of your human potential is the scope of your creative spirit.”

p.s.  I just filled mine (again) this morning.  

A Sanity approach to fitness,
Daniel J Sanidad

Health Care, Redefining the Words

Health Care – I think it’s time that we redefine what these two words mean.  These two words used together have been misused and misrepresented for some time now and the irony is that it should be defined for you, by you.

 You can start by asking yourself a few questions.  For example: What is necessary for you to own your health?  Are you happy with where your current level of health is?  How would you know when you got there?  These are just a few, maybe not so, simple questions and the goal is to answer them for yourself.

 For me, the answers are as follows:  First, to name a few, I need my ‘training time’ each day, my H20, daily nutrients, and thousands of smiles from the people I am fortunate enough to have in my life.  Second, I am content with where my level of health is, however, I am more content to always look on improving it.  Lastly, honestly I may never get there, yet I have found comfort in the journey to find it and the fact I continue to strive toward it shows I have just the right amount that I need for today.

In closing, I think the most important thing to take from all of this is you’ll have more success if you fill your environment with the tools and the makings to either find or keep your personal level of health.  When you take the time to do that, the ‘other’ things that are keeping you from it tend to just slip away.  Or in other words, get your health and keep your sanity.

A Sanity approach to fitness,
Daniel J Sanidad

Thank You For Training Series part 1

When we train, we have the opportunity to improve upon anything we choose.  Each session exists to make me better then the last one.  I will be uploading videos of some of my own workouts.  If you like what you see, send me a quick e-mail (daniel@sanityfs.com) and I can share with you on how to add to your fitness playbooks.

Welcome To My Website

Hello and welcome to The Sanity Fitness System web-site.  I look forward to provide you with both fun and creative approaches to your health and fitness.  What you will find here is some of the most innovative and adaptable approaches available.  Being in the fitness industry for over 20 years, I have learned that there will never be one answer to your given goals.  What there will be is a game plan filled with the strategy to guide you toward success.  It is easy to run astray and forget your initial focus.  My intent is to simply offer sanity in your life, and arm you with methods to both succeed and have a lot of fun a long the way.

In my opinion, we are here to live, laugh, learn, play, and repeat and I have designed my fitness system to take full advantage of each of these.  This web-site is designed to be interactive, organic, and provide you with ample amounts of fad free information that you can add to your fitness play book. Here you will find articles, videos, sample programs, and Sanity apparel, all flavorful ingredients to make a program for your own. I look forward to share and learn from each of you and may we create nothing but opportunity to fill with our success.

Thank you,

Daniel J Sanidad
Coach Sanity
Professional Trainer/CEO

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