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I began to do a little on-line research after deciding to write this post.  I typed keywords into the Google search engine and was promptly delivered a surplus of directions to travel with just a click away.  I did click a few of the links, and found authors writing about health decline, our population of obesity, and of course several fitness tools available for purchase.   Easy, right?

I also recently found a former colleague of mine who launched her new virtual fitness web site.  It was completely filled with very simple choices to get you off the couch, and quickly feeling an instant burn in your glutes.  All for one very low monthly rate.

We all know there are many more options like these available on the market.  Each prepared with personal creativity and inspirational intentions.  I applaud all of them for their efforts, and truly hope that you may find your sought out answers within their given directions.

So why the title, A Change in Fitness?

I titled it this way to spark my reader to think about this question a little bit differently.  When I see this question, my brain also envisions:

  1. A change?
  2. I change?
  3. Change fitness?

This leads me to recognize that from my time spent in fitness, I have changed.  I am stronger, leaner, healthier, and more wise (seriously I am!).  And now that I have transformed myself, I am in search of a new one.  This is where most people tend to go the wrong direction.  They seek their next big change amongst the latest fitness toys and accessories, when the answers lie into the direction of personal change.  More specifically, define a way you wish to travel, and envision a different you.

I suggest a different keyword search.  On your next Google hunt, search within the image section.  Words like:

  • play
  • jump
  • push
  • pull
  • run
  • movement

Did you find something that inspires you?

May I suggest a change of clothes, and go conquer it!

Follow the signs,

Coach Sanity


6 Month Reflection

I have to admit I am a bit behind.  I’m actually reflecting on the last 9 months, however, will now make it a goal to do so every six months.

Over the last six months many doors have closed and others have opened.  Yes, a bit cliche and yet still holds true.  After selling off the shares of my previous company (door closed) I restarted over again and moved to a fitness start up company with one hell of a philosophy (door opened).  We are now 9 months in and after being in the fitness business for almost 20 years, I know when I see something good.  And can now simply do the work to make it great.  How am I doing it?  Easy.  I did one thing.  I simplified, and allowed myself to be great.

Things have the potential to be good.  It takes you to make them great.  We can all spend time preparing, studying, over thinking, etc and with that, stall our greatness.  WAIT!  I am not saying one shouldn’t prepare themselves for a given opportunity.  I’m saying that greatness comes when others can also experience it with you.  Google, Disneyland, dinner at your favorite sushi bar, cocktails w/friends.  These are all examples of a good idea becoming great because there are others present to share in the experience.

So, to reflect on the last 9 months in very simple language:

1.  Know my goal

2.  Vocalize my goal

3.  Recognize the distractions and remove them quickly

4.  Always ask for feedback if none has been given

5.  Remain flexible to accommodate any necessary change

To our Sanity,

Daniel J Sanidad

White #SanityFS

I googled: What does it mean when you are given a white belt in Martial Arts?. I was brought to this answer: “It means the begining , to know nothing.

The white belt signifies no skills at all. Poetically, the white belt symbolizes innocence. It’s the first step.”

This is a long a very similar journey of the Sanity FS athletes. They are beginning a right of passage toward creative leadership and a discipline of dominating their crafts. Like the google result above, they know nothing. Nothing but wanting to be their very best.

It’s been said that it can take ten thousand hours to master a given task. Moreover, ten thousand hours into the direction of your passion. If fitness is your passion, then this is the place for you. Join our family and enjoy a lifetime of opportunities filled with your success.

A Sanity approach to fitness,

Daniel J Sanidad

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