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Want a quick workout?

50 ball slams
50 walkouts
100 russian twists.

Finished with some beach muscle work.
All in about 20 minutes.

A Sanity approach to fitness,

Daniel J Sanidad

I remember when my junior high school Physical Education (or lack there of) teacher would walk out from his office wearing ‘The Red Shirt’ and all of us would cringe when we saw him walk out. That only meant that we would be running laps around the BIG field for that day, and if I could recall, two laps was just shy of a mile.

The funny thing is that the majority of us hated it and back then we were told it was because we were lazy and/or out of shape. I believed that for a very long time and unfortunately, so do a lot of other kids at that age. Now I don’t know about you, but in order to get kids interested in fitness it has to be fun. And not only that, the only sport long distance running exists in is long distance running.

Kids are supposed to play, laugh, and just have fun moving. Now I loved the 40 and 50 yard dashes back then and I thought I was pretty good at them. Today, we call those intervals and research has shown us that they are one of the best ways to burn fat. Uhhm, do you see a connection?

Motion creates emotion and a bad emotional connection to fitness does not help to invite it into our lives. If long distance running is what you love, then by all means, do it. However, those of us that dabble in running and also enjoy throwing medicine balls, jump onto and off of boxes, and swing from the pull up bars are far from lazy!

A Sanity Approach to Fitness,

Daniel J Sanidad

I am into my second month at my new home/training facility (The 3rd Door) and we are steadily getting a nice following and clients are enjoying the elements we are providing. We have begun a Fitness Rowing class where we spend 45 minutes between the Concept II Rower and other full body movements. We are creating a metabolic environment and also helping to create some fit and healthy people! As the class develops, I will post some examples of progress they clients are making. Right now the goal is to get them to bring their A game and put it to the test for 45 minutes of work!

Happy training,
Daniel J Sanidad

Summer is almost upon us.  Not sure about you, but I love the trim, tanned and toned look for the California weather.  A few tips to keep in mind for your training and nutrition to help bring out the detail we work so hard for.

1.  Prioritize: If you want to see more detail in those ab’s  (for example) then you should prioritize your workout.  Start with ab work in the beginning, and throw some sets throughout the entire session.  That way you have more volume of work for the chosen targeted area.

2.  Fat burning zone:  The leaner you become will directly effect just where your fat burning zone is.  When you have less body fat to give up, your body will want to hold on to it for fear of survival.  Your chosen cardio should be kept at a lower intensity and to be used sparingly to help keep your lean look all summer.

3. Maintenance of muscle:  If your wanting to stay lean, then your probably not in a ‘growth’ cycle at this time.  However, you do want to keep a certain level of intensity in your workout to maintain the muscle you currently have.  Get the intensity up, however, keep it under 30 minutes.  After a good warm-up, plan the muscles/movements you want to target and go at it.  Your looking to create enough of a stimulus to maintain, moreover , not too much where you begin to muscle waste trying to keep up with the high intensity of the given session.

4.  Stay hydrated:  Your muscles will look healthy when you keep them nourished and water is the largest nutrient in them.  Drink up!

5.  Nutrient timing: It’s more important when you eat as supposed to what your eating (I’m speaking to those that already have an awareness of the quality foods they use for their fitness needs).  Be more aware of the meals closer to your workout, after your workout, and before you go to sleep.  Those will keep your body well nourished for the necessary recovery to keep that physique you work so hard for.

Come on summer!

Daniel J Sanidad

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