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Good or Bad Choice?

In my opinion, I think one thing people don’t really appreciate about fitness is that a mistake is not a failure and is actually an opportunity to learn from, and therefore, potentially a successful occurence. My only real mistake was making it over and over again just a few to many times. That being said, I’d like to share some of those mistakes (and share some damn good choices too) here with you.

When I started in this exercise game, I was an overweight teenager with low self-esteem, and be-friended a best friend that was exactly opposite of both. My best friend was the high school hunk with the rock hard abs that all the girls loved when he walked by, yeah, you know who you are, and I was pretty much exactly opposite. Which was probably why I made the choice to be guilty by association. (Good Choice!)

He and I started meeting for workouts twice a day pretty much six days a week (Bad and Good Choice). This got me into the habit of being active (good), but definitely put me on the road toward serious fatigue and no results (bad). I eventually shortened my workouts down to fit the goal of muscle hypertrophy and learned from my mistake. (Successful Opportunity!)

I spent my 20′s doing a lot of bodybuilding routines and dabbled into some powerlifting as well. Problem was, I truly didn’t define my goals (Bad Choice) and spent my hours training competitively and not doing very many competitions. My hectic life didn’t really fit the life of a highly competitive bodybuilder, however, I continued to train that way out of sheer habit (Maybe Bad or Maybe Good).

I did learn a lot about my self through grueling hours of training and that has definitely earned me some bragging rights (I’ll say that is Good!), however, it kept me from other very accessible healthy outlets and especially living here in beautiful California, I didn’t take full advantage of a lot of outside activities (Bad Choice).

So, what did I learn from all of this? Now being in my 30′s and truly wanting to enjoy all of what life has to offer, I have learned from my past experiences to know that opportunities are present and only embraced if you can have the vigor in your lungs, the time on your watch, and the adaptability to bend to life’s demands to fit these opportunities in. That is what I have built my Sanity Fitness System on and what I hope to continue to share with you for years to come.

A Sanity Approach to living,
Daniel J Sanidad

Let me start by saying that I am not a runner. On most days you will find me swinging Kettle Bells, slamming Medicine Balls, and playing with other high output/Metabolic modalities. I like to get my workout done in about twenty minutes and don’t particularly enjoy two hour runs. However, I do enjoy an opportunity to challenge myself with other fitness means and 13.1 miles can fill that spot very easily.

I finished this race pretty close to the same time I did last time. Only difference was I ran A LOT less before the race this year then last. And when I say a lot, I mean like not even half what I ran last time. I did, however, make very valuable changes in my regular training that allowed me to have more free time and remain very fit and healthy.

Will I do another race again soon? The only thing on my mind right now is getting back to my regular workouts and develop my new class. Keep your eyes open for that update.

A Sanity approach to fitness,

Daniel J Sanidad

Summer is almost upon us.  Not sure about you, but I love the trim, tanned and toned look for the California weather.  A few tips to keep in mind for your training and nutrition to help bring out the detail we work so hard for.

1.  Prioritize: If you want to see more detail in those ab’s  (for example) then you should prioritize your workout.  Start with ab work in the beginning, and throw some sets throughout the entire session.  That way you have more volume of work for the chosen targeted area.

2.  Fat burning zone:  The leaner you become will directly effect just where your fat burning zone is.  When you have less body fat to give up, your body will want to hold on to it for fear of survival.  Your chosen cardio should be kept at a lower intensity and to be used sparingly to help keep your lean look all summer.

3. Maintenance of muscle:  If your wanting to stay lean, then your probably not in a ‘growth’ cycle at this time.  However, you do want to keep a certain level of intensity in your workout to maintain the muscle you currently have.  Get the intensity up, however, keep it under 30 minutes.  After a good warm-up, plan the muscles/movements you want to target and go at it.  Your looking to create enough of a stimulus to maintain, moreover , not too much where you begin to muscle waste trying to keep up with the high intensity of the given session.

4.  Stay hydrated:  Your muscles will look healthy when you keep them nourished and water is the largest nutrient in them.  Drink up!

5.  Nutrient timing: It’s more important when you eat as supposed to what your eating (I’m speaking to those that already have an awareness of the quality foods they use for their fitness needs).  Be more aware of the meals closer to your workout, after your workout, and before you go to sleep.  Those will keep your body well nourished for the necessary recovery to keep that physique you work so hard for.

Come on summer!

Daniel J Sanidad

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