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Fate follows fitness


Blue Ninja

Illustration Tony Gil

Do you believe in fate?

They say fate  is the supposed force, power, or principle that predetermines events, as well as any inevitable events predestined by this force.  And if you believe in it, it is also said that your course is predetermined.

I am here to say that whether you believe in it or not, there is ‘stuff’ going on around you that may believe in fate.  And the ability to adapt yourself to a little, a lot, or all of this stuff takes a level of fitness you may not currently posses.

Without allowing yourself to fully take or make advantage of everything around you, you limit everything about you.  The key is to prepare you.  I am now telling you that a certain level of strength is required of us everyday.  And, there is another level of strength that is required to live in the unknown, the possibility.  The strength I am speaking of is your ability to seize, to adapt, and to conquer.

This level of strength is what I speak of when I speak of Sanity Strength.  It is the fitness between your mind and body and the strategy of knowing what to do with it.  Let’s call it your ninja skill.   You see we all of have a ninja living within us.  And whether you believe in fate or not, your ninja skill is the ability to be successful in either direction.

Follow the signs.

A Sanity approach,

Daniel J Sanidad/Coach Sanity

Sanity FS has had the pleasure of working with about a few dozen or so high school athletes over the years and the approach has had to change a bit because of the influx of information to all other coaches, parents, and the teenage athlete.  Because of that, I have made changes on my end to improve my opportunity of providing a stimulus for change to my teenage athlete.

First, there must be a clean palette.  What does this mean?  Well, the teenage mind has now been fixed on one consistency, a ‘comfortable  and lazy’ home environment.  I say lazy because most of our technology has allowed for us to live lazily.  Now this consistency can fill a need for helping  parents stay organized, keep things flowing for the household, and allow the teenager to experience the “American Lifestyle”.  However, this does not allow for a stimulus to change.

I suggest that for ONE month ALL (or as many as possible) distractions be removed from their home environment.  That means no tv’s, game stations, or music docks in the bedroom.  The computer can stay, however, should be limited to school work only.  And remove any other distractions that is keeping their mind focusing on the goal of ‘change’ , or that next athletic level.

Their change should be a quest and it takes a certain kind of focus that is also necessary come game time.  An attention span has a base level, and I’ve watched some of my kids and noticed that it can sometimes be less than a minute.  After that, they invite other distractions into their mind and performance becomes compromised.  Obviously, not a good thing if the goal is advanced performance.

Obviously I know this all may sound like a difficult task and any normal teenager will resist, moreover, why it must be done.  Resistance is something that can learn to be controlled and with that, comes a peaceful mind and athletic focus.  Two very important and necessary elements to advanced levels of performance.  Our bodies will do what our mind tells it, and with that kind of control, our ability to adapt and overcome can be limitless.

A Sanity approach to training,

Daniel J Sanidad

What Does that Logo Mean Anyway?

I’ve had a number of people ask me what the Sanity logo means and I would like to share with you what it means to me.  It has a few different meanings behind it which I plan to address over time.   For now, I will explain what it has to do with our fitness.

In my opinion, fitness is determined by our abilities to adapt.  I’ve always felt that the better we can adapt to what is presented in front of us, then the more ‘athletic’ we truly are.  In life, it helps to have the necessary elements to keep us moving forward and learning as much as we can a long the way.  The Sanity logo is designed to express the opportunities of these elements as they flow within the infinite time of our journey’s.  I have defined them as balance, agility, strength, stamina, and technique and every single one of my sessions trains me to take full opportunity of them.   Part of the reason I use these specific elements is they all differ for each of us and they are tasks we are asked to learn beginning from our first day of play.

If you’ve ever watched a child playing, you can see all of these elements present.  As a child develops, he continues to establish the Sanity elements and makes them his own.  They are fit to him and they continue to advance over time.  Or at least that is what the goal should be.  Unfortunately, we have continued to move less and because of it, the simplicity of our childhood play has diminished.  That is present everywhere except during my sessions.  It is about a given number of minutes of continuous play and with the adaptability of a child.  There are a multitude of  distractions around us that robs us of this and it’s time to get back our sanity and move like we used to. You in?

Daniel J Sanidad

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