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In a hundred years

How do you want to be remembered?

As far back as I can remember, I always knew I wanted to be remembered as amongst the best of the best.  I also was witty enough to recognize that it was not something that would come to me, rather, I needed to go after.  A right of passage if you will.  I’m not going to lie to you and say that I always had the drive to do it . I will say that I did take my time with things, and when the opportunity arrived,  I leaped in.  I want to be remembered as the man that learned to fall into the life he was born to love.

You see, I have been incredibly fortunate enough to have been given one life obstacle after another, after another, so that I truly recognized what it is I wanted to live for.  When you allow yourself to experience all  of the good and bad around you, you are allowing yourself to walk away with a mental sixth sense and the physical intuition to find yourself amongst the best of the best.  The greatest warrior’s have been sculpted into the images we see today not by adding more and more ‘stuff’, rather, through refinement from the journeys they have traveled.  Motion creates emotion, and your emotions are perfected the more you continue to face the challenges that lie ahead.  Do yourself a favor, MOVE!

A Sanity approach,

Coach Sanity

Daniel J Sanidad


Start ups

Growing up in the Silicon Valley of California means I have lived amongst an abundance of start up companies.  My environment is completely surrounded by the next “thing”.  And as many that have succeeded, simply means that A LOT more have failed.  Still, there are lessons to be learned from each of them.

Ironically , we each are a part of our own start ups.  At any given moment you can decide your next adventurous excursion.  Where do you want to go?  What do you want to do?  So long as the the answers remain a sun rise decision, you always have an opportunity to start.

The skill lies in 3 elements:

1.  Readiness – to wake with the mind and body prepped for the day’s tasks.

2.  Steadiness - to not stray from the day’s tasks

3.  Adaptedness - to possess the ability to reconstruct your tasks to fit the dynamics of  that day.


The mastering of these elements is to be amongst the Sanity Valley.  To unquestionably maximize every day you open your eyes to.

A Sanity approach,

Daniel J Sanidad


Winning the lotto?

So simple right?  It can make all of  your dreams come true.

Question, what are your dreams?

Don’t worry, I’ll wait…

…While we wait, I must say that I am lucky.  Why?  Because my dreams were made clear when all around me was not.  I have lived a multitude of bad experiences and still voice, I am lucky.

It is the darkest of days when clarity provides a light because it is the only direction to travel toward.   And just so you know, it will be far away.  That’s the point.  The journey from here to there is YOUR lifetime.  You’re so lucky!  You get to experience things that I don’t.  However, upon time of reflection, we can share our stories together.  So still, I am lucky.

A Sanity approach,

Daniel J Sanidad




How much can you carry?

I ask this question because as simple as it may be to read, it is not as simple to answer.  And let me take it one step forward and ask,

How much can you carry, and not weigh you down?

Now we’re cooking with some propane (me being silly).  Our mind has a capacity to carry, for lack of a more complex word, tons of information.  Question is, do we need to carry all of that with us at every given moment?  There lies the goal in how we organize our brain storage.  People tend to organize their brains similar to hoarders organizing their living rooms.  There is room for chaos and the same space can be filled with clarity.  A room to stand still in, or a room to move around.   A room to find peace, or a room to end up without it.

First step?  Remove before you add.

You may not know this about me, but I can see the emotional baggage your mind carries as you walk into my front door.  Individuals have a bad habit of not being able to handle their present moments.  We wake up to a day of appointments to get to, at the end of the day we end up with more than we can carry.  Portion control for food is exactly the same as portion control for the mind.  If I gave you a small plate to fill, what delicacies would you want to place on it?  Or would you mindlessly fill it with stuff you really don’t even want?  Be mindful of the size plate you want to carry each day.  And before you think of adding yet another (quite possibly larger) plate, learn to know when enough is enough and recognize when you have finished before you begin the next serving.  The flip side, you end up in a gluttony of mental hiccups and what is sure to be a night of tossing and turning because of it.  I suggest tomorrow beginning with a little less than yesterday and see how you feel.  If you feel the same the next day, then even a little less.  Learn to remove before you add because in the long run, we still end up with the right amount we truly need AND the energy to make more if necessary.

Stay tuned for part 2

A Sanity Approach,

Daniel J Sanidad

As most of you already know, I write about maximizing experiences.  To grasp every opportunity present allowing yourself to experience each moment and make it your own.  Is this possible?  I think, yes.

We start by giving us a name, SanityFS athletes.  Our discipline is in the art of MME or Multiple Mixed Experiences.  The name implies that there will be several happenings constantly around you.  The task is to be mindful of them and make them possibilities for you.  But first, beginning with owning one thing each for mind and body.  Your mind must be open and your body must be adaptable.  In other words, remain fluid.

One’s fluidity is the ability to hold a suppleness.  No additional stress, no further tension.  This requires a very different intent to your  daily exercise.  A coach prescribes an exercise for very specific reasons.  The prescription must fit the demand of the goal and be able to adapt to when the goal is asked to change.  In science, we have cycles, in layman’s terms we have short and long term goals.  For me, it is a balance between both, with an emphasis on an ability to change the short term to fit the long term.  That is a SanityFS athlete.  An ability to recognize a distraction and react accordingly, so to allow for forward movement.  The language between the mind and body is always effective and efficient.  Time no longer gets wasted.  It is spent on a maximal return for each investment.

As a coach, I would suggest to recognize that there are, and will be, distractions around you.  Some are necessary and still many are not.  Which one is which is for you to decide.  What was the long term goal?  Are you still heading in that direction.  Recognize that the environment you are within must:

a. reflect you

and b. support the direction you are going

if either of these are missing, we lose efficiency and gain distractions.  Like seeks like, but first be cognizant of what you like, and obviously don’t like.  What are we here to enjoy?  The open road ahead or the madness of would of, could of and should of.

A Sanity Approach,

Daniel J Sanidad


People can’t change?

Yes, I know you have heard this before.  I wrote it as a question because I don’t believe it to be entirely true.  They say people can’t change.  Yes, I agree, however I also believe it makes better sense when stated one can’t force someone to change because life can do that on it’s own.   A life will happen at it’s own pace and it’s own tolerable threshold.  BUT, where does that threshold lie?  Before I get into that, I would first like to tell a story. The two pictures below are of me.  The one on the left was of me post a small number of  life changing journeys, and specifically the end of my mom’s life.  I think my body represented exactly what you see.  A stressed, emotionally drained, physically exhausted, and forced expression of  a smile while merely coping with what god or an angel felt I was ready to be presented with.  The one on the right was taken about 6 months ago.  Maybe not at first glance a drastic change, however, a dramatic shift in how I went about that change.



I’m sharing these pictures with you because I wanted to express visually that change is possible and can happen.  And it doesn’t have to be forced, especially when life will offer a change to you on it’s own.  My suggestion would be to relearn adaptability.   An ability to adapt is the foundation toward embracing constant change and obtaining endless success.  When you simply train to constantly improve, that is all you will ever get.   What does that program design look like?  Stay tuned for the follow up.


A Sanity approach,

Daniel J Sanidad

6 Month Reflection

I have to admit I am a bit behind.  I’m actually reflecting on the last 9 months, however, will now make it a goal to do so every six months.

Over the last six months many doors have closed and others have opened.  Yes, a bit cliche and yet still holds true.  After selling off the shares of my previous company (door closed) I restarted over again and moved to a fitness start up company with one hell of a philosophy (door opened).  We are now 9 months in and after being in the fitness business for almost 20 years, I know when I see something good.  And can now simply do the work to make it great.  How am I doing it?  Easy.  I did one thing.  I simplified, and allowed myself to be great.

Things have the potential to be good.  It takes you to make them great.  We can all spend time preparing, studying, over thinking, etc and with that, stall our greatness.  WAIT!  I am not saying one shouldn’t prepare themselves for a given opportunity.  I’m saying that greatness comes when others can also experience it with you.  Google, Disneyland, dinner at your favorite sushi bar, cocktails w/friends.  These are all examples of a good idea becoming great because there are others present to share in the experience.

So, to reflect on the last 9 months in very simple language:

1.  Know my goal

2.  Vocalize my goal

3.  Recognize the distractions and remove them quickly

4.  Always ask for feedback if none has been given

5.  Remain flexible to accommodate any necessary change

To our Sanity,

Daniel J Sanidad

State your purpose.  And before you ask, a purpose is the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.  Why did you wake up?  Why are you here?  Where are you going?  What do you want to do?  You see, one can not manage their time well until they know what it is they exist for.  So for the sake of argument, let’s simply say you are here to present  you.

Previously I wrote a post on purposeful practice.  I stated that purposeful practice is perfect practice.  But, how do we manage purposeful practice?  First, we need to give it a language.  And, in order to appeal to all parties, the language should be flexible for all wanting to participate.  I use a palette of colors, aka Sanity FS colors.

Now, I did not grow up with the hands of Van Gogh.   And let me say that I do not consider myself a traditional artist.  But, I do consider myself the creator of my purpose and that is what I call a Sanity artist.  You now have the opportunity to design  your today.  Next we need a direction and what better direction then time moving forward?

We each have something special.  Something that defines us and keeps us sane.  So, I ask again, what do you want?  Where are you going?  Give your icons a meaning and watch them develop into nothing but opportunities to live a purposeful you.  Your day can be limitless.  And with that, there is nothing keeping you from succeeding than the lack of your own creative spirit.  Live it!




“Download” your  own Sanity Icons and fill in the blanks.

A Sanity approach to living,

Daniel J Sanidad

Who is my competition?

Nobody.  Let’s first back track for a minute and give me a chance to explain why I say nobody.

One of the greatest realizations I have come to learn about my career/sport is that I will always have people around me who share  a similar passion, direction, purpose, and vision.  We have chosen this path because we not only see something to be special, we feel it.  We see open ended opportunities presented everyday.  Simply asking for some one, any one, to take the reigns and go for a ride.  Amongst my first 10,000 hours spent perfecting my craft, I never saw another name where mine could also just as easily been.  No reserved signs, no VIP party.  You want it?  You earn it.

Now, moving forward, why is nobody my competition?  Simple, we were all made to be extraordinary.  We just happen to be starting at different places.  I am on my voyage, another on theirs.  Paths cross, intertwine, meet, and end, yet the best continue to move, explore, and journey.  There will never, and I repeat never, be another me.  Today is already a best and tomorrow I will be better.   I can or may be duplicated, yet still remain miles away from a true competitor.

Live it.  Lose it.  Find it.  Get it.

Daniel J Sanidad

How do you start your day?  What thoughts fill your head when your eyes open and you begin to take in this day?  Better still, how are you perceiving your day’s agenda?  I have come to recognize that my mind begins to work way before my eyes even open.   I have taken notice that I am already processing my day’s events and making decisions on how they will play out for me, my clients, and whomever I will encounter throughout the day.

Now, take that a step back and ask yourself, how are they being interpreted in relation to your action.  Does it feel right or does it feel wrong?  We have been told that the brain is a powerful substance.  It has control over a multitude of our actions and reactions.  But, what about that split nano second before the brain recognizes anything.  That point in time where what’s wrong vs what’s right sends it’s signal and your brain plays out its message and you go about your day.  I’m talking about that one brief moment, where who you are in this day can either impact no one, one, two, three, or a million.

If the focus is on what’s wrong, you will have a following.  If the focus is on what’s right, you will have a following.  Choice is, are you wanting to sit amongst the company of misery or amongst the company of pleasure, life, happiness?  Psychology has spent years on studying what is wrong.  Until more recently remembering wrong is a road traveled by many followers, while, right is a direction that leads to open waters and open minds.  Wrong or right, the decision is yours.

A Sanity approach to living,

Daniel J Sanidad

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