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Mastery & Specialization


Traditionally we took our time, and approached our livelihood via a craft.  A craft is a skill, and usually done by hand.  Over time, one mastered their craft to eventually find themselves full circle, gaining knowledge and intuition.   This action took hours of perfection.  Skillfully removing all of the inhibitions and distractions, to eventually fashion a perfect substance.  That is mastery.

Today we have specialization, a word used to describe the act of separation within a system.  With the goal to gain more focus in one thing or another.   The vision is concentrated to place sight on only what is tangible and required.  This is a way toward specialization.

At first glance, mastery and specialization both look to be perfect processes.  They both lead toward successful directions of  life experience.  What I have come to learn over the years is that mastering a craft gives an open mind, and removes emotional burdens.  Specialization sees tunneled vision and fixed positions.  The former runs freely, while the latter knows rigid function.   Mastery allows us to fit within the spaces.  Specialization fits one space.  Specialization becomes limited.  Mastery is limitless.

Follow the signs,

Coach Sanity


My Sanity

Albert Einstein defined insanity as, “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”.  Even though we know this to be true, several continue to replay the same insane scenario over and over again.  When will it end?

I believe I have found an answer to that question.  Rather than looking at the, when will the insanity end, I suggest we focus on when sanity can begin.  You can spend several precious moments on worrying about what is wrong.  Or you can spend your moments on falling in to what can go right.

Just like insanity, sanity can also live all around you.  One of the reasons why most have only replayed the insanity version is because, in spite of wanting a different result, we are creatures of habit.  However, if you peel down toward the second level of a habit, you find that our habits can also be re-wired.  How so?  With movement.

You ever wonder where the phrase, “movement is medicine” came from?  What all that information boils down to is that although we are creatures of habit (mentally), our physical body can create the stimulus for our brains to re-wire a new habit.  That ability is something that no pill, machine, or late night infomercial can ever duplicate.  That is our own, and we can either use it or lose it.  So, where do we go from here?

I suggest you first recognize that you may be living in a world of insanity.  Next, you decide if the smile on your face is genuine or not.  Then decide to seek the direction to lead you toward finding your own sanity.  That process takes action.   Your action to continue to see through, what you first envisioned as a new you.    I am not here to give you your way because it is your way.  I am only here to point you in the right direction.

Follow the signs,

Coach Sanity



Fate follows fitness


Blue Ninja

Illustration Tony Gil

Do you believe in fate?

They say fate  is the supposed force, power, or principle that predetermines events, as well as any inevitable events predestined by this force.  And if you believe in it, it is also said that your course is predetermined.

I am here to say that whether you believe in it or not, there is ‘stuff’ going on around you that may believe in fate.  And the ability to adapt yourself to a little, a lot, or all of this stuff takes a level of fitness you may not currently posses.

Without allowing yourself to fully take or make advantage of everything around you, you limit everything about you.  The key is to prepare you.  I am now telling you that a certain level of strength is required of us everyday.  And, there is another level of strength that is required to live in the unknown, the possibility.  The strength I am speaking of is your ability to seize, to adapt, and to conquer.

This level of strength is what I speak of when I speak of Sanity Strength.  It is the fitness between your mind and body and the strategy of knowing what to do with it.  Let’s call it your ninja skill.   You see we all of have a ninja living within us.  And whether you believe in fate or not, your ninja skill is the ability to be successful in either direction.

Follow the signs.

A Sanity approach,

Daniel J Sanidad/Coach Sanity

The goals:

1.  Come in under two hours (last year came in at 2 hr 07 min).

2.  Post race, body feel strong (aside from muscle soreness); low joint pain, low inflammation (last year and the previous year I felt pretty inflamed)


The plan (brief description):

Increase strength training (basic full body movements, progressive overloads), increase both aerobic capacity and conditioning (rowing machine was dominantly used, some track work, and distance runs no longer than 30 – 45 mins)

sidenote: send me an e-mail daniel@sanityfs.com if you want more information on my plan for this race


First and foremost, we as adult humans think obsessively.  And not only that, we think little about what can go right and spend more time  on what can possibly go wrong.  I say possibly because half the time nothing has gone wrong yet, however, the mind begins to drift and before you know it, the wrong is now in front of you.

Thank goodness I knew this and approached my training very differently.   I always kept the plan simple, so all I had to do was work hard.  I taught my central nervous system to be resilient and with that, let my mind stay at peace.  I found my mind drifting between miles and steps, however, also recognized that one foot continued to go right in front of the other and all I had to do was relax and trust I chose the right plan to get the job done.

You see, a 13.1 mile run could be a fun Rock n Roll Half Marathon, or it can be a run for your life in fear of danger or harm.  Either way, your body will react to the current environmental conditions you find yourself within.   I could have stressed my body out, ran like my life depended on it, and finished (maybe) a few minutes sooner.  I chose to let my training speak for itself, and ran with the intent to stay as relaxed as possible.  The end result, I finished 17 minutes faster than I did last year, AND, did not pound my body to the ground for that eighteenth minute.  And being as experienced as I am when it comes to professional training, I will make that minute up the next time because my body knows I love it that much ;)

Simply put, whether it be a half marathon, full marathon, triathalon, etc., the steps you take to move further can either accelerate you forward or hinder your progressive movement.  You decide if you want to work smarter and not harder.  I choose smarter (and hard enough) to fully maximize each day I will have lived because today is the reward and the memories will be shared tomorrow.

A Sanity approach,

Daniel J Sanidad/Coach Sanity

What’s your sport?

Me?  I’m just a trainer.

A response I recently heard myself give, and after, angry because of it.   After several years spent perfecting a skill, I still have moments when I belittle the sport I love.  Later, I had myself sit down and rewrite exactly what it is I play out everyday, because if I don’t do my job, my fans can not do theirs.  This was what I came up with,

I have mastered the ability to assist my followers in becoming more:

a. productive and efficient, using a mix of movement patterns and lifestyle adaptations 

b. resilient, using traditional training practices and innovative applications to fit the needs of today’s sports

c. methodical and focused, for  that ‘in the game’ strategy

and d. reflective, to further aid with future strategy and recovery.  AKA, THRIVE.

What all these simply mean is that I always stay ahead of the game, so to better lead the direction for those searching to improve theirs.  My career decision may have been an easy one, still, the work to get there has been exactly opposite.  I practice to consistently hold a focus toward productivity, to not over or under think, and to react accordingly, so to not lose sight of the steps used to move forward.  I may have started in this sport as a fat kid playing with fitness, and now, I am a professional trainer directing the plays that manufacture an opportunity to living inside of extraordinary.
Sanity, grab yours.
A Sanity approach,
Daniel J Sanidad/Coach Sanity

In a hundred years

How do you want to be remembered?

As far back as I can remember, I always knew I wanted to be remembered as amongst the best of the best.  I also was witty enough to recognize that it was not something that would come to me, rather, I needed to go after.  A right of passage if you will.  I’m not going to lie to you and say that I always had the drive to do it . I will say that I did take my time with things, and when the opportunity arrived,  I leaped in.  I want to be remembered as the man that learned to fall into the life he was born to love.

You see, I have been incredibly fortunate enough to have been given one life obstacle after another, after another, so that I truly recognized what it is I wanted to live for.  When you allow yourself to experience all  of the good and bad around you, you are allowing yourself to walk away with a mental sixth sense and the physical intuition to find yourself amongst the best of the best.  The greatest warrior’s have been sculpted into the images we see today not by adding more and more ‘stuff’, rather, through refinement from the journeys they have traveled.  Motion creates emotion, and your emotions are perfected the more you continue to face the challenges that lie ahead.  Do yourself a favor, MOVE!

A Sanity approach,

Coach Sanity

Daniel J Sanidad


Get to vs Have to

Do you want to take your life from negative to positive?  Do you want to change the outlook on the events that will always continue to come into your life? If yes, than my answer: transform the word have into get.

You see, we really don’t have to do anything. We always have an opportunity to make a choice. However, if you discontinue to make your choices, life and those around you will begin to make them for you. A better influence of the outcome means a change in the way you live out the decisions.

I get to invest in myself vs I have to lose weight

I get to make my living vs I have to get myself up and go to work.

I get to learn something new vs I have to read this entire chapter.

The above are Just a few examples on how your internal interpretation of words can begin to give you a direction rather than high walls and closed roads. Change the equation by placing sanity in the middle because things just seem to flow a little bit better (my slightly biased opinion ;) )

A Sanity approach,

Daniel J Sanidad

On any given day we run the likelihood of having to qualify ourselves when asked to successfully demonstrate our skill(s).  For example, driving to and from work,  completing a day’s job assignment, conversing with someone for directions, etc.  Each are daily occurrences that ask us to prospectively maneuver within, with the goal to do so successfully.  And the better qualified you are, the greater the experience is on all levels.  How do you continue to qualify yourself?  You simply practice.

A skill can only continue to evolve if it is

a.  prioritized

b.  nurtured

c.  practiced

The habits of these three steps will continue to add value to your personal self.  And with that, add value to what you can bring to the market place.  In my training mentorship programs, I offer passionate people an opportunity to always qualify themselves for  when their time comes to seize what they sowed.

The smile on his face says it all.  He is learning to prioritize his practice.  And the nurturing time spent with me will further add for him to fiscally flourish from his personal and professional net worth.  Which will be significantly higher than the others.

A Sanity approach,

Daniel J Sanidad


Start ups

Growing up in the Silicon Valley of California means I have lived amongst an abundance of start up companies.  My environment is completely surrounded by the next “thing”.  And as many that have succeeded, simply means that A LOT more have failed.  Still, there are lessons to be learned from each of them.

Ironically , we each are a part of our own start ups.  At any given moment you can decide your next adventurous excursion.  Where do you want to go?  What do you want to do?  So long as the the answers remain a sun rise decision, you always have an opportunity to start.

The skill lies in 3 elements:

1.  Readiness – to wake with the mind and body prepped for the day’s tasks.

2.  Steadiness - to not stray from the day’s tasks

3.  Adaptedness - to possess the ability to reconstruct your tasks to fit the dynamics of  that day.


The mastering of these elements is to be amongst the Sanity Valley.  To unquestionably maximize every day you open your eyes to.

A Sanity approach,

Daniel J Sanidad


Winning the lotto?

So simple right?  It can make all of  your dreams come true.

Question, what are your dreams?

Don’t worry, I’ll wait…

…While we wait, I must say that I am lucky.  Why?  Because my dreams were made clear when all around me was not.  I have lived a multitude of bad experiences and still voice, I am lucky.

It is the darkest of days when clarity provides a light because it is the only direction to travel toward.   And just so you know, it will be far away.  That’s the point.  The journey from here to there is YOUR lifetime.  You’re so lucky!  You get to experience things that I don’t.  However, upon time of reflection, we can share our stories together.  So still, I am lucky.

A Sanity approach,

Daniel J Sanidad



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