With a market of filled with fad fitness, it can be difficult to know what to follow.  I believe your time spent on a plan that increases both strength and resilience is essential for long term health.   These returns are built with proper movement and these three simple rules:

a.  start with easy

b.  listen (feel) for danger

c.  go back to a. when needed

Bring attention on you breath and focus on your chosen exercise.  Use your exercise time on movements that gain strength, and allow the productive results to arrive.


Start & Finish Position- Isolated Hip Squat

Start & Finish Position- Isolated Hip Squat



Standing Parallel Squat – Straight Back. Knees align with toes. Head is in line with spine.


Example Workout Progression: 

  •  Kneeling Squat – 3 sets/15reps
  • Parallel Standing Squat – 4 sets/10reps
  • Jump Squat – 2 sets/2o reps
  • Superset – Squat/Jump Squat – 3 sets/15 reps (each)

Build an active lifestyle with consistent practice.

Simple. Significant. Sanity!

Coach Sanity