I remember when my junior high school Physical Education (or lack there of) teacher would walk out from his office wearing ‘The Red Shirt’ and all of us would cringe when we saw him walk out. That only meant that we would be running laps around the BIG field for that day, and if I could recall, two laps was just shy of a mile.

The funny thing is that the majority of us hated it and back then we were told it was because we were lazy and/or out of shape. I believed that for a very long time and unfortunately, so do a lot of other kids at that age. Now I don’t know about you, but in order to get kids interested in fitness it has to be fun. And not only that, the only sport long distance running exists in is long distance running.

Kids are supposed to play, laugh, and just have fun moving. Now I loved the 40 and 50 yard dashes back then and I thought I was pretty good at them. Today, we call those intervals and research has shown us that they are one of the best ways to burn fat. Uhhm, do you see a connection?

Motion creates emotion and a bad emotional connection to fitness does not help to invite it into our lives. If long distance running is what you love, then by all means, do it. However, those of us that dabble in running and also enjoy throwing medicine balls, jump onto and off of boxes, and swing from the pull up bars are far from lazy!

A Sanity Approach to Fitness,

Daniel J Sanidad