Extraordinary directions

Extraordinary directions

A few months ago, I was one of the lucky 100 plus participants who attended a 3 day summit that basically celebrated two very specific things.  One was to thank me for doing exactly what I am doing, and the second was giving me a few more pointers on how to continue to do what I am doing.

What am I doing you ask?  I create extraordinary experiences to help you move forward into excellence.  What is excellence?  Excellence is doing all that you commit yourself to, to be done at the highest level of focus and meaningful direction.  Simply said, it is a trained instinct of significant progress.  You interested?

I have learned over the years that nothing can be forced.  In fact, the more you push at it, ironically it pushes you right back to where you started.  Yes, equal and opposite reaction, or in this case, the opposite direction.  In order for us to gain forward motion and progress, focus and a meaningful direction are both required.  Then, a lot of hard work done intelligently, so that any force being transfered is exactly into the direction of what is necessary to further your quest.  This is why it is so important to know what you want.

Why Raising the Bar?  I have helped to lead  so many people toward extraordinary changes in their daily lives and I have done this by learning early on that most were not recognizing their daily actions of insanity.  Yes, they were all working hard, however, they didn’t recognize that their work had become non-progressive.   I would like to introduce a new direction, and this direction leads us away from mediocrity, and toward extraordinary.

I can tell you now that extraordinary does exist, and if you are willing, you will find it.  You can begin now with three very simple steps.

1.  Wipe your slates clean, mediocrity was yesterday.

2.  Write down exactly what you want

3.  Next to it, draw an arrow going up, because this my friend is our direction toward extraordinary.

A voice of direction and creativity,

Coach Sanity