Traditionally we took our time, and approached our livelihood via a craft.  A craft is a skill, and usually done by hand.  Over time, one mastered their craft to eventually find themselves full circle, gaining knowledge and intuition.   This action took hours of perfection.  Skillfully removing all of the inhibitions and distractions, to eventually fashion a perfect substance.  That is mastery.

Today we have specialization, a word used to describe the act of separation within a system.  With the goal to gain more focus in one thing or another.   The vision is concentrated to place sight on only what is tangible and required.  This is a way toward specialization.

At first glance, mastery and specialization both look to be perfect processes.  They both lead toward successful directions of  life experience.  What I have come to learn over the years is that mastering a craft gives an open mind, and removes emotional burdens.  Specialization sees tunneled vision and fixed positions.  The former runs freely, while the latter knows rigid function.   Mastery allows us to fit within the spaces.  Specialization fits one space.  Specialization becomes limited.  Mastery is limitless.

Follow the signs,

Coach Sanity