Hello and welcome to The Sanity Fitness System web-site.  I look forward to provide you with both fun and creative approaches to your health and fitness.  What you will find here is some of the most innovative and adaptable approaches available.  Being in the fitness industry for over 20 years, I have learned that there will never be one answer to your given goals.  What there will be is a game plan filled with the strategy to guide you toward success.  It is easy to run astray and forget your initial focus.  My intent is to simply offer sanity in your life, and arm you with methods to both succeed and have a lot of fun a long the way.

In my opinion, we are here to live, laugh, learn, play, and repeat and I have designed my fitness system to take full advantage of each of these.  This web-site is designed to be interactive, organic, and provide you with ample amounts of fad free information that you can add to your fitness play book. Here you will find articles, videos, sample programs, and Sanity apparel, all flavorful ingredients to make a program for your own. I look forward to share and learn from each of you and may we create nothing but opportunity to fill with our success.

Thank you,

Daniel J Sanidad
Coach Sanity
Professional Trainer/CEO