I am a bit of a people watcher and I tend to catch what seems to me are obvious tendencies and personal habits of  the people around me.  For example, are they right or left handed?  The  position they sit in their chairs.  Do they sit still or continually fidget?  Just a few of the many common routines of human beings.  

The reason behind this post and the clever title is the fact that I have noticed that people tend to eat way to fast. Either that, or they barely chew their food before they swallow it down.  It reminds me of an episode of Two and a Half Men (one of my favorite shows) when Angus’s character Jake drank to much and spent some time in the bathroom.  He looks at his work of art and says, “Yeah, next time I need to chew my food properly. Look at that shrimp. You could polish it off and serve it again.”   FUNNY, and makes me laugh every time and exactly what I think of when I watch people eating.

Aside from the obvious digestion problems one can occur by not properly chewing their food, most people tend to over eat when they eat to quickly.  It does take time for your body to recognize you are eating and send the necessary signals to prepare for digestion.  Especially since digestion starts when you first begin to chew and the production of amylase (an enzyme that begins to breakdown sugars) is produced.  Chewing slowly allows for this process to begin and can aid in a much better digestion path all the way through.

Some tricks I have used to slow myself down is to time myself when I eat and see if I can take it a little longer the next time.  I also always eat off of the smaller plates in my cabinet when I am home and I serve myself a small portion.  That really slows me down and if I’m still hungry, I get another small portion.  You should look at each bite as its own meal and finish that meal before you start the next.  Give it a shot and see if you not only feel better, moreover, end up eating less at each sitting and ultimately eating less over the course of your day.

Oh, one more quote from Two and a Half Men, Alan: Jake what are you doing?  Jake: I’m masticating.  Don’t worry, it’s not what you think.   Alan:What do you think I think it is?  Jake: You know (smiling)

Daniel J Sanidad