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As most of you already know, I write about maximizing experiences.  To grasp every opportunity present allowing yourself to experience each moment and make it your own.  Is this possible?  I think, yes.

We start by giving us a name, SanityFS athletes.  Our discipline is in the art of MME or Multiple Mixed Experiences.  The name implies that there will be several happenings constantly around you.  The task is to be mindful of them and make them possibilities for you.  But first, beginning with owning one thing each for mind and body.  Your mind must be open and your body must be adaptable.  In other words, remain fluid.

One’s fluidity is the ability to hold a suppleness.  No additional stress, no further tension.  This requires a very different intent to your  daily exercise.  A coach prescribes an exercise for very specific reasons.  The prescription must fit the demand of the goal and be able to adapt to when the goal is asked to change.  In science, we have cycles, in layman’s terms we have short and long term goals.  For me, it is a balance between both, with an emphasis on an ability to change the short term to fit the long term.  That is a SanityFS athlete.  An ability to recognize a distraction and react accordingly, so to allow for forward movement.  The language between the mind and body is always effective and efficient.  Time no longer gets wasted.  It is spent on a maximal return for each investment.

As a coach, I would suggest to recognize that there are, and will be, distractions around you.  Some are necessary and still many are not.  Which one is which is for you to decide.  What was the long term goal?  Are you still heading in that direction.  Recognize that the environment you are within must:

a. reflect you

and b. support the direction you are going

if either of these are missing, we lose efficiency and gain distractions.  Like seeks like, but first be cognizant of what you like, and obviously don’t like.  What are we here to enjoy?  The open road ahead or the madness of would of, could of and should of.

A Sanity Approach,

Daniel J Sanidad


It’s been said a body in motion will stay in motion.  And the most efficient way of for this to happen is to follow the path of least resistance.  However, when the goal is to create a change, then we have a different equation.   One of  going just beyond a tolerable threshold.  Moving in and around an area of uncomfortableness.  Creating a change in the chain of events by having the resilience to take on a challenge and see it through.

I would like to create a different statement.  The path of new resistance.  In the strength and conditioning room that could be as simple as a few kilo’s in the up direction or one to two seconds off your 500 Meter pace.  Just enough stimulus to spark something new, something different, and something to work through.

In real life application the new resistance will come in many different forms.  However, the one constant is you.  Your approach, your intent.  Both can be slightly altered to experience a different chain of events.  You want a new job?  You want to lose 5 lbs?  You want to meet someone special?   Let’s assume you desire a new outcome.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting something different.  You can not begin a new journey and have the same you be that first spark.

A successful plan is one that keeps you moving forward and allowing you the opportunity to see it through.  I suggest a change in the equation.  Envision what would be necessary to have that new job, to lose those 5 lbs, or to find that someone special.  Once you have recognized what is necessary, your positioning is key for success.  Place you in the middle and map your plan around you providing the ability to maneuver and maintain the flexibility to adapt to any distraction that may appear.

The path of new resistance now becomes the path of possibility.  You can open doors you never new existed.  Your what if’s become when’s and you will always find a new you in the end.  Set your sights and just push send.

A Sanity approach,

Daniel J Sanidad

State your purpose.  And before you ask, a purpose is the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.  Why did you wake up?  Why are you here?  Where are you going?  What do you want to do?  You see, one can not manage their time well until they know what it is they exist for.  So for the sake of argument, let’s simply say you are here to present  you.

Previously I wrote a post on purposeful practice.  I stated that purposeful practice is perfect practice.  But, how do we manage purposeful practice?  First, we need to give it a language.  And, in order to appeal to all parties, the language should be flexible for all wanting to participate.  I use a palette of colors, aka Sanity FS colors.

Now, I did not grow up with the hands of Van Gogh.   And let me say that I do not consider myself a traditional artist.  But, I do consider myself the creator of my purpose and that is what I call a Sanity artist.  You now have the opportunity to design  your today.  Next we need a direction and what better direction then time moving forward?

We each have something special.  Something that defines us and keeps us sane.  So, I ask again, what do you want?  Where are you going?  Give your icons a meaning and watch them develop into nothing but opportunities to live a purposeful you.  Your day can be limitless.  And with that, there is nothing keeping you from succeeding than the lack of your own creative spirit.  Live it!




“Download” your  own Sanity Icons and fill in the blanks.

A Sanity approach to living,

Daniel J Sanidad

First, there’s a very large difference between creating something for leading and  creating something for following.  Before I speak of those, I first need to speak about the ‘something’ first, hence this post.

What inspires you?




Think of something yet?




It’s funny.  Sometimes it’s not as easy as one may think.  Answer me this, What’s in your heart?  I’ll be bold and say that some of the best creations are built when one knows what lies in their heart.  You do it because you feel it, you moved it because it felt right, and you reached for it because it felt good.  All real emotions and a large part of your purpose in life.

Don’t find your something, create your something.  Finding it implies that it already exists and you may soon learn that it may not.  Creating implies you make use of the elements that surround you and build it.  Make it you.  Make it your own.  Make it purposeful.  Make it sharable.

On the next post, I will share my rhythm of time management.  How I effectively master time and continue to work smarter, and not harder.  The work will be hard, however, no more necessary than what is intended for creating you.

A Sanity Approach to design,

Daniel J Sanidad


A Sanity approach to living,

Daniel J Sanidad

What time does the 4:30 bus come?.  Do three left turns make a right turn.  What does green mean at a traffic light?   Is the White House white?  All slightly obvious questions, and yet, not all for the same reason.  Some answers are a given and some are habitual through repetition.  And all continue to deliver you success because they are the obvious answers we know them to be.

How do I lose weight?  How do I get healthier?  How do I have better relationships?

These questions may not be so easily answered.  Why?  What if they were to remain simple and yield a very easy, simple, obvious answer?

Q.  How do I lose weight?  A.  Eat less.  Move more

Q.  How do I get healthier?  A.  Do the opposite of what you are currently doing

Q.  How do I have better relationships?  A.  Ask someone who does, applaud them, and ask for feedback.

It truly amazes me when questions like these get asked, and immediately doors are slammed, hurdles get put up, road blocks become present, and all can happen in the matter of  seconds.  What’s the deal?  Is it your goal to keep things complicated?  Is it your goal to inhibit any form of success you may actually enjoy?  Is it your time that is obviously not worthy enough for you that you are willing to actually waste it on mind hoarding and numerous spouts of sulking?

Yes, things are complex.   And still, the answers remain easy.  The challenge element may be the difficulty of you getting there, but still, I will repeat, the ANSWER remains easy.  It’s easy because it is the answer.  It is the direction of those three left turns. It is the color of that white house.  And it is the color green on that traffic light.

Go to it!

A Sanity approach to progress,

Daniel J Sanidad

Add more?

Gluttony.  We’ve all heard the word before and when it is heard, our minds pull up an image of what we feel would be beyond the ultimate limit of ‘normal’

The funny thing is, the meaning of normal will constantly change and because it will change, it is our reactions to it that should be looked into.  Say for example you have a ‘normal’ workout.  You go to the gym, do 30 minutes of cardio, do some weights, maybe some abs and/or hop into the Zumba class that is just about to start.  That would be a perceived ‘normal’ workout that definitely took some time to get through and got you to the gym to break a sweat.

What next?

Most people may tend to add more.  They up their cardio to 45 minutes, do 100 crunches then 200 and then bam 500, and then take a butt sculpting class before they do some weights and a couple hundred lunges.  Extreme?  Gluttonous?  Normal?

The question to ask is, is this sustainable?  Can you keep this up for the long haul?  Or, can you simplify, do the bare essentials, and do them extremely well?  In the medical system there has been a trend to add more.  One prescription, two prescription, three prescription, 10.  Pharmacies have lines like roller coasters, and customer’s phoning in and ordering on-line to keep it simple.  BUT, is it sustainable?  My guess, no.  Which is why they add more.

Definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting something different.  Definition of sanity:

Sustainable, simple, and remove before you add or do more.

A Sanity approach to fitness,

Daniel J Sanidad

How many of you have ever been obsessed with anything?   I think it’s pretty safe to say that out of 10 people, 9.998 would say yes.  I don’t know if it’s written in our DNA, if it’s a reaction to our environment, or if we simply can not be comfortable with out some kind of obsession, yet it tackles a great many of us on any given day.

What we have now come to is an effort to actually remove it and allow or re-allow for unassuming behavior.  Where do those exercises exist?  Is this even possible?  It can not be that simple?  If any of these questions came to mind, then there looks to already be a slight hesitance.

Step 1 is to not assume.

Step 2 is to allow for change.

Step 3 is to not see.

and Step 4 is to start over again.

“Sometimes not knowing where we are going is the only way to know where we can go.”

A Sanity approach to change,

Daniel J Sanidad

The RED Zone

My RED ZONE consists of ONE exercise done 100 times. Measured by:

1. Time

2. With as few breaks in the set as possible.

Some of my favorites:



Diamond push-ups

Just add you.

Daniel J Sanidad

Want a quick workout?

50 ball slams
50 walkouts
100 russian twists.

Finished with some beach muscle work.
All in about 20 minutes.

A Sanity approach to fitness,

Daniel J Sanidad

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