How much can you carry?

I ask this question because as simple as it may be to read, it is not as simple to answer.  And let me take it one step forward and ask,

How much can you carry, and not weigh you down?

Now we’re cooking with some propane (me being silly).  Our mind has a capacity to carry, for lack of a more complex word, tons of information.  Question is, do we need to carry all of that with us at every given moment?  There lies the goal in how we organize our brain storage.  People tend to organize their brains similar to hoarders organizing their living rooms.  There is room for chaos and the same space can be filled with clarity.  A room to stand still in, or a room to move around.   A room to find peace, or a room to end up without it.

First step?  Remove before you add.

You may not know this about me, but I can see the emotional baggage your mind carries as you walk into my front door.  Individuals have a bad habit of not being able to handle their present moments.  We wake up to a day of appointments to get to, at the end of the day we end up with more than we can carry.  Portion control for food is exactly the same as portion control for the mind.  If I gave you a small plate to fill, what delicacies would you want to place on it?  Or would you mindlessly fill it with stuff you really don’t even want?  Be mindful of the size plate you want to carry each day.  And before you think of adding yet another (quite possibly larger) plate, learn to know when enough is enough and recognize when you have finished before you begin the next serving.  The flip side, you end up in a gluttony of mental hiccups and what is sure to be a night of tossing and turning because of it.  I suggest tomorrow beginning with a little less than yesterday and see how you feel.  If you feel the same the next day, then even a little less.  Learn to remove before you add because in the long run, we still end up with the right amount we truly need AND the energy to make more if necessary.

Stay tuned for part 2

A Sanity Approach,

Daniel J Sanidad