Inspiration from Coach Sanity!

First, a little reminder about the Sanity Fitness System approach to education and practical application, keep it simple and make it significant.  I believe that when you spend time doing the exact right things, you have more time to have fun with everything.   That being said here’s to a strong and healthy back!

The most efficient way for me to break down what I feel is most necessary for a strong and healthy back would look like this:

B – Big Moves - Spend your time in the gym on progressively improving, strengthening, and challenging the proper lifting mechanics of big moves like a squat, deadlift, overhead pressing, power cleans, and snatches.  These whole body activities asks for a whole body to be present.  If your back is currently a weak link, you will quickly learn from your attempts from these big moves, and you can adjust your resistance, range of motion, and modalities (Barbell, Dumbell, Kettlebell, Medicine Ball, etc) to work with what stress you can actually tolerate.

A – Active Range of Motion - If your back can only handle a certain range of motion, then this where you begin, with a goal to increase your neuro-muscular (fancy word for mind & body) active range of motion (AROM) over time.   If you can not feel your back working properly, then chances are it might not be.  Go as far as you can, and then add a bit more range over time.

C – Core Coordination -  There is a certain ‘rhythm’, if you will, that our core region will synchronize with new movements.  LIke a dance, your core activates, contracts, pauses, and transfers through dynamic movement patterns like the big moves I listed above.  With that, you should also spend some time cross training with activities that require your core musculature to experience a different path of neural firing.  For example, outside the gym activities like running, cycling, swimming, hiking, and dancing.  This will not only increasae variety with your exercise time, it will also allow you to further build an intelligent mind and body connection.

K – Keep Moving - I think this statement speaks for itself.  Studies have shown us that you can workout for an hour everyday, however, if you sit for several hours, you are just as unhealthy, and at risk for both an orthopedic issue, a long with the negative physiological issues related to stroke, heart disease, diabetes, etc.

In short, stay active, find sanity!