Envision this:

Three individuals whom each received the same dollar amount of money in a sealed bag, and were told to spend it on what they felt was the best way to use it.


The first went on a mad crazy spending spree, purchasing anything and everything his eyes would see.  If it was shiny, buy it!  If it made noise, I want it!  Needless to say, the expenses added up, and the money quickly dwindled down to zero.


The second went straight to the bank.  She started a savings account and decided to let her bag of money sit in the bank and not think about it being there.  No large purchases were made, and no lavish life experience to be spoken of.


The third took exactly half out of the bag, put it into another, and moved it out of sight.   He then took the other half and split that in to two.  One half of it was deemed for enjoying with family and friends exactly one year from today.  The second half was for one single purchase.  This purchase was to represent what he could not live without and treasured most.


Now ask yourself two questions:

1.  Which person are you?


2.  What did all three have in common?